Inmarsat Launches New Bundled OneFi Services for In-Flight Connectivity

By Mark Holmes | October 24, 2022
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(Photo: Inmarsat)

Inmarsat is launching a series of new bundled services for its airline customers on its OneFi passenger experience platform. The company announced the new bundles for its connected platform on Thursday, with aims to bring multiple inflight services together within a single portal interface and to meet the airline industry’s increasing requirements to bring in ancillary revenue streams.

Inmarsat has now divided OneFi’s features into themed bundles to offer greater flexibility and personalization for airlines wanting to build a more customised digital onboard experience for passengers. Inmarsat’s new offering means airlines can select and pay for bundles of features as and when they need them – with the ability to launch all bundles at once, or incrementally over time. OneFi is designed so that Wi-Fi plans, airline information, content assets, ad campaigns and retail prices can be updated as easily as a website on the ground and as frequently as needed. This approach means airlines can update services based on passenger usage to improve engagement and conversions.

“It’s no secret that the true potential of inflight Wi-Fi hasn’t yet been fully unlocked for airlines. We wanted to give our airline customers access to a solution that doesn’t just come off-the-shelf, but can be personalised by them and adapted to meet their growth needs – all the while helping to construct and curate their passengers’ inflight experience. Following the highly positive response and interest that OneFi has already experienced with leading airlines globally, we are confident that our bundles will open up an even greater world of opportunity for airlines, at the pace they want and need,” William Huot-Marchand, Inmarsat Aviation’s Senior Vice President of Inflight Connectivity, said in a statement.

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