Trends, Updates and Applications for Business Jet Connectivity

By Staff Writer | February 27, 2020
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This is the first part of a three-part Q&A session with Honeywell Aerospace focused on their support of connectivity for business jets. Brought to you by Honeywell.

Inmarsat recently announced a milestone in business jet in-flight connectivity (IFC), achieving installations of its Global Xpress Ka-band technology on more than 600 business jets globally.

Avionics International discussed some of the latest trends, updates and applications that business jet operators are using connectivity for with one of the value added re-sellers (VARs) of GX Aviation connectivity, Honeywell Aerospace. The total JetWave package includes a Multi-Channel Satellite (MCS) terminal, antenna controller, modem and router hardware, and two different versions of a tail-mounted antenna — the MCS-8000 for the business aviation market and the MCS-8200 for commercial air transport aircraft.

In the first part of our Q&A session, Bret Aldieri, senior director of cabin connectivity for Honeywell Connected Enterprise, discusses some of the basics regarding the connected business jet operations Honeywell is supporting right now.


honeywell pentstar

Photo: Honeywell Aerospace

Where do you see business jet operators using JetWave connectivity the most right now, for cockpit or cabin applications?       

Right now, passengers in the cabin are consuming it more. Pilots make use of it, but most operators do not normally invest in JetWave for pilot use. In almost every instance, it’s the folks in the back that see the value in having a connected experience in-flight.


Is Jet Wave capable of supporting in-flight streaming for business jets flying anywhere in the world right now?

Streaming is definitely a global capability. That’s the strength of teaming with Inmarsat’s GX Aviation network, is to be able to provide a common experience regardless of where you are in the world. We’re bringing the high-speed data pipe to the airplane that can be used for really whatever the operator wants to use it for. The most common use cases we’re seeing right now related to streaming are for video conferencing, Skype calls, watching Netflix or even doing some of these business or entertainment related applications simultaneously.


Considering Honeywell provides the onboard JetWave modem and Inmarsat manages the network, how do operators obtain JetWave service plans for their aircraft?

Inmarsat uses a network of what they call value added resellers or VARs and Honeywell is one of them. We’ve branded our service offering as GoDirect Services. Operators can come to Honeywell and buy the hardware and buy the service. They do have the option to buy the service from others who are also value added re-sellers.


How do you support aircraft that are in need of servicing for their modems?

We provide a global spares exchange pool. Honeywell has hardware located regionally throughout globe to help in the case that a spare is needed by any of our users.

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