PODCAST: Wheels Up, the ‘Uber’ of Private Aviation

Miles Rogers is the chief strategy officer of Wheels Up. Photo: Wheels Up

A few years ago, I met Kenny Dichter at an aviation conference and learned about Wheels Up, his startup that sought to bring app-based, on-demand travel to the world of private aviation. A membership-based “private flight club,” Wheels Up offers its members a fleet of King Air 350i and Cessna Citation Excel/XLs aircraft.

Last month, Wheels Up launched a new membership option – Wheels Up Connect – offering a lower price point and the ability to “ride-share” with private planes.

I recently spoke with Miles Rogers, the company’s Chief Strategy officer, to learn more about how Wheels Up is changing the way people access private air travel, how the company manages and grows its app-based offering, and what kind of in-flight connectivity its members can expect or view as necessary.

Check out the latest episode of the Global Connected Aircraft Summit podcast, with Miles Rogers of Wheels Up, below – or download it from the iTunes store. You can also find our show on other podcasting platforms.

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