Gogo 4G Available on Challenger 300/600-Series Thanks to Bombardier, Duncan Team-Up

Bombardier Challenger 350

A Challenger 350, one of the aircraft now compatible with the Gogo AVANCE L5 system. Photo courtesy of Bombardier

Bombardier and Duncan Aviation collaboratively received STCs for the Gogo AVANCE L5 system on Challenger 300 and Challenger 600 series aircraft. The 4G Wi-Fi system can be installed new or as a retrofit option at any of Bombardier’s five service centers in North America and at Duncan Aviation’s three MRO facilities as well as several of Duncan Aviation’s Satellite locations.

“Bombardier is proud to lead the way in cabin connectivity and offer this fast, reliable 4G Wi-Fi system on new Challenger 350/650 aircraft and on in-service Challenger 300/600 series aircraft so passengers can enjoy the smooth ride our aircraft are known for while staying connected,” said Bombardier VP Brad Nolen.

The Gogo AVANCE platform integrates a full range of cabin features, aiming to allow passengers to easy and reliable access to all available data, voice, maps, entertainment and cabin management system services.

The Gogo Biz 4G network is up to three times faster than the 3G network and comprised of more than 250 towers for reliable connectivity over the continental U.S. and large parts of Canada and Alaska. Designed specifically for business aircraft, the company says it delivers the speed passengers need for home-like entertainment and video streaming.

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