Honeywell Keeps Pilots Connected with New Satcom Systems

By Kendall Russell | March 26, 2018
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Honeywell says its new Aspire 350 will keep pilots connected throughout their flights. Photo courtesy of Honeywell

Honeywell has introduced the Aspire 150 and Aspire 350 satellite communications systems to provide business jet, airline and helicopter operators with better connectivity choices. According to Honeywell, with Aspire 150 and 350, pilots can maintain up-to-date information throughout their flight path.

Both new Aspire systems are smaller than previous generations and have an embedded router, which helps reduce weight and boosts fuel savings. Operators can use the systems to access Iridium Certus services. Aspire 350 also supports global (FANS) datalink for pilots to take advantage of preferred routing worldwide and satellite voice capabilities.

“These latest additions to the Aspire product line provide an easy upgrade for aircraft with or without previously installed satellite communications equipment, increasing both cockpit and cabin connectivity and enabling faster data speed,” said Warren Nechtman, VP of Honeywell connectivity systems.

This was originally published at sister publication Via Satellite.

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