Gilat Provides Dual-Band IFC with the AeroEdge 6000

By James Walsh | March 21, 2018
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Gilat’s dual-band terminal will provide in-flight connectivity. Photo courtesy of BusinessWire

Gilat Satellite Networks has launched a new commercial IFC terminal, the AeroEdge 6000. The dual-band terminal includes Gilat’s Ku-/Ka-band antenna, MODMAN, and Wavestream transceivers.

The AeroEdge 6000 high-performance terminal operates in both Ka and Ku band providing aeronautical broadband satellite communication for high-speed Internet and multimedia applications, according to the company. The terminal includes Gilat’s ER 6000-A Ku/Ka antenna, SkyEdge II-c Taurus MODMAN, Ku/Ka Antenna Networking Data Unit (KANDU) and Wavestream’s Ku/Ka Radio Frequency Unit (KRFU).

The terminal allows seamless transition between Ka-band coverage and Ku-band coverage. The Taurus MODMAN is equipped with a full set of embedded protocol optimization and application acceleration features. High spectral efficiency is delivered via wideband DVB-S2X carriers in the forward direction and fast adaptive and spread-spectrum LDPC transmission in the return direction. Operated over Gilat’s SkyEdge II-c multi-service platform, AeroEdge 6000 is a new addition to the family of SkyEdge terminals.

Originally published at Via Satellite.

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