Garmin Grows Connext Connectivity Ecosystem with App

The Garmin GDL 88 can provide information wirelessly for the FltPlan Go app to display. Photo courtesy of Garmin

Garmin is working to bulk up its connectivity ecosystem with the website and FltPlan Go phone app aiming to be a full-service solution for pilots.

Garmin said that the new app can serve as a seamless transition between the website and some Garmin avionics to allow customers to develop a flight plan online, share it to the app and wirelessly transfer it to their aircraft’s systems once they are on board. The FltPlan Go app can also receive and display information such as ADS-B traffic and FIS-B weather information or, with some Garmin products, synthetic vision and dynamic pitch.

According to the company, the iOS app’s compatibility is currently available with Android compatibility expected soon. More information about device compatibility is available here.

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