Gogo Ready to Leverage SES-15 For Better In-Flight Connectivity

By Nick Zazulia | February 14, 2018
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SES-15’s North America Ku-band beam coverage (Photo courtesy SES)

Satellite operator SES’s first high-throughput satellites providing Ku-band spot-beam capacity came online last month, and Gogo is the first to utilize the new capabilities.

The in-flight internet company has more than 200 aircraft equipped to receive the new, high-capacity Ku-band signal broadcast by SES-15 and SES-14, which its CTO said will provide industry-leading performance in connectivity today and allow for more advancements over time without needing to modify the aircraft.

SES-15’s Ku-band coverage is focused on North America, and SES-14 is if focused on South America. Both launched last month, and between them, there is coverage throughout the Americas, the Caribbean islands and into the Atlantic, according to SES.

Gogo said it has signed an agreement with SES to use SES-14, SES-15 and nine other SES satellites around the world.

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