Kontron Releases 737 MAX Line-Fit Deliveries with Global Eagle Entertainment

By Staff Writer | September 27, 2017
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Kontron has launched Boeing 737 MAX line-fit deliveries in association with Global Eagle Entertainment Inc., Kontron said. The company now offers line-fit solutions for Boeing and Airbus.

“Kontron’s aviation product development strategy includes the concept of line-fit readiness,” said Andy Mason, VP of technology at Kontron America. “This means Boeing and Airbus OEM requirements are considered during the product design and preliminary qualification phase. Our due diligence in creating a qualification test program matched to strict aircraft cabin specifications is proving useful for the future. Kontron is actively pursuing Boeing and Airbus line-fit qualification for our new ACE Fligh 4608 Server and other avionics products.”

The company said that Global Eagle recently announced that its Airconnect 3.0 inflight equipment is the first catalog-offerable line-fit connectivity system available for installation during assembly of the new 737 MAXs.

Kontron also said it delivered the first aircraft with Global Eagle’s Ku-band connectivity to Southwest Airlines. The equipment was installed at Boeing’s facility.

Global Eagle and Kontron started working together in 2015 to obtain Boeing line-fit approval for Kontron’s Server Management Unit, Modem Data Unit and Cab-N-Connect wireless access point. These line-replaceable units enable components of the Global Eagle Airconnect 3.0 inflight Wi-Fi system, Kontron said. To obtain Boeing line-fit approval for the three LRUs, Kontron said it worked with Global Eagle to develop a qualification test program to the Boeing specifications for 737 MAX cabin equipment.

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