Yak-152 Trainer Makes Debut at MAKS 2017

By Staff Writer | July 24, 2017
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Photo courtesy of Irkut Corp.

United Aircraft Corp. member Irkut Corp. said it planned to bring two new Yak-152 trainers to MAKS 2017. News reports said that the aircraft did make its debut at the Russian International Aviation and Space Salon, which ended July 23.

“One of the aircraft will show the aerobatic capabilities in the flight program. The second aircraft uniquely painted will be located at the display area,” Irkut Corp. said.

The Yak-152 made its first flight last September. It was developed by Yakovlev Design Bureau for day and night initial pilot training. The manufacturer said pilots can train for instrumental en route flight and landing approach using airfield landing systems. It can also be used for group piloting in the day, in virtual flight rules and over clouds, and for emergency operation training.

Irkut Corp. said the avionics suite features multi-function LCDs, triple redundancy, registration of flight information and aircraft systems performance data, the ability to record crew’s voice conversations to a hardened on-board recorder, and automatic response to requests of identification friend or foe radar systems and secondary radars of traffic control systems.

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