ViaSat-2 Ka-Band Satellite Set to Launch

By Staff Writer | June 1, 2017
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The ViaSat-2 satellite is set to launch June 1 from the Guiana Space Center in Kourou, French Guiana, ViaSat said. ViaSat-2 is a geostationary satellite, the company said, that operates in Ka-band frequencies. The system is expected to double the bandwidth of ViaSat-1 with more than 300 Gbps of total network capacity. It should also provide seven times more broadband coverage.

ViaSat-2’s launch window is one hour, starting at 7:45 p.m. EDT.

“ViaSat, Arianespace and Boeing Satellite Systems International (the ViaSat-2 satellite manufacturer) will work closely to determine and confirm that conditions are appropriate for liftoff within the launch window,” ViaSat said. “If conditions are not suitable for liftoff within the available launch window, the launch will be held until the following day, which follows the normal course of business for launch activities.”

The mission is expected to take less than 30 minutes for liftoff to separation from the launch vehicle. Acquisition — when the satellite makes first communication with, and accepts commands from, a ground station — would occur some 15 minutes after separation.

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