ViaSat Updates IFC Plan for Business Jets, Partners with AirSatOne

By Kendall Russell | May 23, 2017
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Photo: ViaSat

ViaSat said it can now offer an updated in-flight connectivity (IFC) service plan for large cabin business jet users. The company also unveiled a migration plan for business jet customers that want to upgrade their current system to the more advanced Ka-band broadband service, based on its latest generation ViaSat 2 technology and satellite system. According to ViaSat, the new service plan will support more users, more devices and more applications when in-flight.

While ViaSat’s current service plan (offering 2 Mbps download speeds) supports full internet streaming, web browsing, email and more, the new plan doubles download speeds to 4 Mbps, enables even more devices to simultaneously access the ViaSat network, and provides a better quality of service for streaming content in high definition as compared to standard definition. All ViaSat data plans are a fixed monthly fee.

Strong progress has been made, ViaSat said, on the development of its next-generation Ka-band IFC equipment for the large cabin business jet market. The company has successfully demonstrated its Global Aero Terminal 5510 chipset (Ka-band antenna and modem). Expected to be certified in the second half of 2017, ViaSat’s equipment will enable peak rates of 16 Mbps on all plans and access to both Ka- and Ku- data included in one monthly service fee.

ViaSat said that AirSatOne, a satellite communications service provider for aviation, will become a new reseller partner for the ViaSat in-flight internet service to large-cabin, business aviation aircraft. According to AirSatOne, the company will offer competitive airtime packages and provide support for aircraft operators. The team will provide support to ViaSat customers 24/7 onsite at the customer’s facilities, at the AirSatOne facilities located at the Spirit of Saint Louis Airport in Chesterfield, Missouri, or via phone.

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