Hawaiian Airlines Taps Cobham, WxOps for EFB Support, ARINC Tests

By Staff Writer | May 2, 2017
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WxOps satellite enabled dispatcher & plane to plane communications network. Image courtesy of Cobham

WxOps satellite enabled dispatcher and plane-to plane-communications network. Image courtesy of Cobham

Hawaiian Airlines has tapped Cobham Satcom and WxOps Inc. for electronic flight bag support, Cobham said. The two companies have provided the airline with systems and software.

Called “eFLIE,” Hawaiian Airlines’ airplane-dispatch network uses Cobham satellite communication terminals and WxOps for command, control, communications and computer systems. Cobham’s system provides a single channel of SwiftBroadband Safety with prioritized aircraft communciations addressing and reporting system/future air navigation system over internet protocol (IP). It also has a background IP channel on which dispatch and flight crews can exchange higher bandwidth data in, what Cobham called, “interesting new ways.” The Inmarsat SwiftBroadband-Safety background channel of IP enables airplane-to-airplane chat, dispatch/airplane networking and transfer of larger operational and graphic files — like weather, the current air traffic control environment and airport information.

“The outcome of this program will result in some of the closest monitored aircraft in the world with the ability to see real bottom line ROIs for operational efficiencies,” said Ken Rewick, VP of operations at Hawaiian Airlines.

Hawaiian Airlines is currently performing tests that involve pulling data directly from each airplane and distributing it across the airplane-to-airplane network and dispatch. Test data includes ARINC 834, ARINC 429 and ARINC 717.

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