Avionica to Support Icelandair 737 MAX Until Final Delivery in 2019

By Staff Writer | May 1, 2017
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Boeing 737-8 MAX

Icelandair has tapped Avionica Inc. to support its 16 new Boeing 737 MAX aircraft, Avionica said. Avionica is to provide products and services that include the satLINK MAX Iridium satellite communications system, aviONS onboard network server, avCM 4G cellular device and avSYNC quick access recorder (QAR) download.

“Avionica’s integrated e-enablement solution allows Icelandair to deploy an advanced e-enablement system at a fraction of the OEM catalog price. By using avSYNC service, Icelandair will save more than $4 million in hardware and communications services on the new 737 MAX fleet,” said Bragi Baldursson, head of design for Icelandair.

SatLINK MAX is the industry’s only four-channel, future air navigation-1/A and air traffic controller voice safety service-approved Iridium satcom system, Avionica said. AviONS features third party e-enablement systems and global 4G cellular using avCM and aviONS’s Wi-Fi connectivity for crew wireless applications. AvSYNC manages connectivity through automated data transfer between aircraft and the operation center.

Icelandair is currently in the processes of taking delivery of the aircraft. Avionica is to start installing its solution this year, finishing in 2019 when the final aircraft is expected for delivery.

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