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Kenya Can Now Establish Service to US with FAA Category 1 Rating

By Staff Writer | March 3, 2017
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Mount Kenya

Mount Kenya is the second highest mountain in Africa.

Kenya has been granted a Category 1 rating under the FAA’s International Aviation Safety Assessment (IASA) program, the FAA says. The country complies with international safety standards, and Kenya’s civil aviation authority meets International Civial Aviation Organization (ICAO) standards.

Kenyan air carries can now establish service to the U.S. and carry the code of U.S. carries, if requisite FAA and U.S. Transportation Dept. authority is secured. The FAA had not previously assessed Kenya’s civil aviation authority for compliance with ICAO standards. The IASA program assesses the civil aviation authorities of all countries with air carriers that have applied to fly to the U.S., currently conduct operations to the U.S., or participate in code sharing arrangements with U.S. partner airlines. Compliance with FAA standards is not measured. That information is then publicly released.

To maintain the Category 1 rating, a country must adhere to ICAO safety standards.

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