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By Juliet Van Wagenen | October 14, 2016
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Miami International Airport could be out a few dollars after Luis Ramirez, the former president, vice president, secretary and sole owner of Aviation Main Services, pled guilty to grand theft of more than $375,000. Ramirez reportedly misstated the company’s revenues to the Miami-Dade Aviation Department and underpaid opportunity fees.

Lucky for you this week’s news quiz is free, so there’s no need for you to misstate anything.

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Qatar Airways placed a $6.9 billion order for Boeing’s 737 Max 8s with the aim to help mitigate delivery delays of A320neo. Airbus says delivery of the neo was delayed due to issues with what?

Supply chain delays form a seat cushion supplier

The new, more-powerful engines

The autopilot system

Landing gear

A company called AS-IP ushered in a new application this week called fflya, which will be the first product to deliver what to the in-flight connectivity market?

Free access to all streaming video

Access to streaming music



Europe is implementing System Wide Information Management (SWIM) at its first airport. Which country is the airport in?





Qantas and GE Aviation have opened a new digital collaboration center in Austin, Texas focused on what?

Data analytics

In-flight connectivity

Streamlining maintenance

Wearable technology in aviation

Bombardier’s second iteration of its commercial jetliner the C Series, the CS300, will begin operations this year with which launch customer?


Air Canada



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