Airbus Launches Maintenance Mobility with Jet Blue

By Juliet Van Wagenen | November 20, 2015
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JetBlue A321 aircraft
JetBlue A321 aircraft. Photo: Jetblue

[Avionics Today 11-20-2015] JetBlue has become the launch customer for Airbus’ Maintenance Mobility, which allows the airline’s mechanics to have all the technical information they need on iPads.

The agreement with JetBlue covers the integration of the Maintenance Mobility services into the airline’s Maintenance Information System (MIS), as well as the software and data hosting over a five-year servicing period. The deployment will be accomplished step-by-step with Airbus experts working on-site with JetBlue in order to spread the integration and manage change gradually.

“By having access to aircraft technical data on a portable device we will improve dispatch reliability and on-time performance of our Airbus fleet. Maintenance Mobility will also provide real-time fault analysis of aircraft systems and communication,” said JetBlue Director of Maintenance Marco Nogueira.

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