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Lamda Guard’s metaAir Keeps Lasers Out of the Cockpit

By Juliet Van Wagenen | November 5, 2014
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A demonstration of the metaAir technology

A demonstration of the metaAir technology by Lamda Guard. Photo: Lamda Guard

[Avionics Today 11-05-2014] Lamda Guard is helping tamp down laser interference in the cockpit with its metaAIR solution. The solution uses an array of nano-particles of specific periodic geometry, called metamaterials, to protect flight crews from laser strikes.

metaAir's optically transparent thin film filter is more than 100 times thinner than a human hair and selectively blocks narrow-band, specific light frequencies by reflection rather than absorption. The technology can be adhesively applied on existing surfaces such as cockpit windows or windshields.

"Unlike competitors' existing products, which only provide limited and/or temporary protection, the metaAir can be integrated during either aircraft forward-fit or retrofit operations," said Thomas Saquer a consultant for Frost & Sullivan. "It requires minimal integration costs, as it eliminates complex cockpit conversion, training and additional certification."

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