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GE to Provide Avionics, Power Systems for Gulfstream’s G500/G600

By Juliet Van Wagenen | October 21, 2014
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[Avionics Today 10-21-2014] GE Aviation is supplying the data concentration and network, the advanced power management system and the advanced health management system to Gulfstream’s G500 and G600 business jets. 
Gulfstream G500. Photo: Gulfstream.
GE has provided the health management system for Gulfstream’s G650, and the power management system for the G500 and G600 will build on the G650 secondary power system, including GE’s modular power tile technology, while adding primary power distribution, reducing wiring and utility function controllers. The GE integration of the power system looks to provide a flexible composition and significantly reduces integration risk. Additionally, aircraft manufacturers can achieve more control through a configurable software application.
The data concentration and network for the G500/G600 builds on GE’s core computing system from the Boeing 787 and is a new offering for business jets. The system provides a highly configurable integrated data network (analog, digital via multiple communication protocols) for the aircraft and offers a way to seamlessly connect avionics and utility functions. Using GE’s tool suite, the data concentration and network system can be rapidly re-configured, enabling integration and possibly reducing cost of change over the life of the airplane. 
“This is the first business jet application of an integrated data network incorporating multiple aircraft systems,” noted Alan Caslavka, president of avionics and digital systems for GE Aviation.

The G500 entry-into-service is anticipated for 2018, followed by the G600 in 2019. 

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