ATR Confirms Etihad Regional as iPad System Launch Customer

By gguarino | July 8, 2014
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[Avionics Today July 8, 2014] Etihad Regional is the launch customer for airframe manufacturer ATR’s onboard iPad Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) mount system.  

The system features an integrated power interface module which provides a holding platform for the EFB, as well as connectivity to aircraft power for charging. Etihad Regional, formerly Darwin Airline, will deploy the system across its fleet of ATR turboprop aircraft beginning in the second half of 2014. 
“We are glad to be one of the first airline companies to introduce this new technology on board our ATRs, confirming our commitment to both update our fleet by implementing this onboard new EFB program and to reduce our impact on the environment by diminishing the paper utilization," said Maurizio Merlo, CEO of Etihad Regional.
The French airframe manufacturer also released an EFB software performance computation application in February.  According to ATR, the application allows pilots to compute their take-off and landing parameters in real time and conditions. 

"ATR performs these modification services to ensure the aircraft will benefit from recent technologies and can comply with the evolving regulations,” said ATR’s Senior Vice President Product Support and Services Lilian Braylé. 

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