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By Jonathan Ray | July 1, 2013
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Satcom STC

Cobham SATCOM’s AVIATOR 200 SwiftBroadband system received an EASA Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) for use aboard Pilatus PC-12.

The EASA validation was secured by Cobham SATCOM partner RUAG and includes exclusive rights for the Swiss-based international aerospace and defence technology group to use the STC in Europe. The new certification was developed in cooperation with Cobham SATCOM partner Pro Star Aviation, which carried out successful installation and testing of the AVIATOR 200 on the Pilatus PC-12 for the FAA STC last year.

The EASA STC includes the activation of the AVIATOR 200’s built-in Wi-Fi option, offering access to a range of communication capabilities aboard Pilatus PC-12/45, PC-12/47 and PC-12/47E.

The full Cobham SATCOM AVIATOR range includes the AVIATOR 700 and 700D, AVIATOR 350 with High Gain Antenna and versatile AVIATOR 300 with Intermediate Gain Antenna. Visit

Power Supply STC

EASA has awarded True Blue Power a Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) for the TS835 Series Lithium Emergency Power Supply (EPS) for Beechcraft King Air 200 and 300 models. True Blue Power is a division of Mid-Continent Instrument.

The TS835 Series Emergency Power Supply is the first lithium iron phosphate battery to gain STC approval by EASA for Beechcraft King Air 200/300, according to the company. The ETSO C179a-certified battery provides 24.5 VDC power for critical and standby equipment and maintains full capacity by recharging during normal flight operations. Visit

ADS-B Receiver

FreeFlight Systems, based in Waco, Texas, introduced the RANGR-RX dual-band ADS-B receiver for simultaneous reception of 1090 and 978 MHz ADS-B traffic data and 978 MHz ADS-B In Flight Information Service-Broadcast weather data in a compact, integrated system.

According to the company, the RANGR-RX gives aircraft owners increased flexibility when equipping for ADS-B, delivering the benefits of traffic and weather data now while maintaining compatibility with existing avionics. Visit

Display Selection

Eurocopter will offer Sandel Avionics’ SN4500 Primary Navigation Displays and SA4550 Primary Attitude Displays as optional equipment on the EC135. Sandel products are now offered in Eurocopter’s Blue Book, as part of the Mid-life Efficiency Package for new production EC135s. Visit

1553 Test Card

Data Device Corp. (DDC), of Bohemia, N.Y., added enhanced test and simulation functionality to its BU-67210T cPCI/PXI MIL-STD-1553 test card.

In addition to variable output voltage, variable intermessage gap time and error injection, the BU-67210T offers enhanced triggering capability that can be used to trigger external devices in real time based on user defined events, making it a highly adaptable solution for production test labs, DDC said.Visit

Yonder Classes

ViaSat, of Carlsbad, Calif., is adding two premium classes of Yonder Internet service for business aviation. The new services Yonder Premium and Yonder VIP will provide higher data rates, compared to current Yonder service, new quality of service assurances, and enhanced network operations and field engineering customer support. These higher levels of service, along with the rollout of a 60 percent increase in capacity for the network, will provide an improved customer experience for high bandwidth consuming applications such as multimedia streaming and video teleconferencing, according to the company. Visit


Universal Avionics, based in Tucson, introduced its FlightAssure Extended Warranty Program. The company said the program was designed to help customers budget the cost of component repairs by extending the avionics’ protection plan.

Key benefits of the program include fixed price with annual contract; fully transferable contract; and full coverage on exchange and repair services. Visit

Service Center

Mid-Continent Instruments and Avionics, based in Wichita, Kan., has been named the exclusive U.S. service center for Trig Avionics, located in Edinburgh, Scotland, serving Trig customers in all of North America.

The agreement further expands Mid-Continent’s avionics capabilities to include Trigs’ TT21, TT22, and TT31 transponders, TY91 and TY92 VHF Comm radios. Visit

Router Enhancements

International Communications Group (ICG), based in Newport News, Va., announced several “customer-inspired” modifications its eRouter, which provides airborne connectivity for Electronic Flight Bags, passenger PCs, smartphones and other IP devices.

The eRouter can be configured as a Wireless Access Point for providing Wi-Fi devices access to available satellite or GSM based internet services. Alternatively, it can be configured to connect to ground-based wireless networks. Visit

Conversation Unit TSO

Shadin Avionics announces TSO certification for the first of its AIS-460 (Avionics Interface System) line of 1553 to ARINC 429 data conversion units.

Under contract with Support Systems Associates, Shadin modified the AIS-460 to integrate the APX-119 transponder on select C-130s to achieve Mode Select Enhanced Surveillance capability. Shadin also provides a modified version of its AMS-2500 Altitude Management System for Pilot Selected Altitude functions for the program. Visit

Tablet Interface Unit STC

The Organization Designation Authorization (ODA) of Atlantic Aero issued a Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) for the installation of DAC International’s GDC64 Tablet Aircraft Interface Unit (TAIU) on the Bombardier Learjet 60.

The GDC64 developed by DAC International is designed as an aircraft interface device to feed aircraft data to an iPad or tablet. This interface routes live data from aircraft sensors and systems to tablets enabling a wide range of incremental functionality for the flight crew, according to the companies.

In addition, the company was awarded FAA Parts Manufacturer Approval for the GDC64 TAIU. And, Apple has certified the GDC64 hardware and the GDC64 iOS app. Visit


Spectralux Avionics’s Dlink+ with Controller Pilot Data Link Communication (CPDLC) system received EASA STC certification on an Icelandair Boeing 757. Icelandair performed all of the design engineering and system installation work and applied for the EASA STC.

The system provides flight crews with the capability to send and receive CPDLC and ACARS messages over VDL Mode A/2 networks. It merges three avionics units CDU, CMU and VDL Mode A/2 Radio into one cockpit Line Replaceable Unit. Visit

Navigation Service App

Jeppesen and Honeywell introduced an integrated navigation data service (INDS) iPad application.

First available for operators of Pilatus PC-12 NG, the iPad app manages cloud-based, wireless data updates for installed Honeywell Primus Apex Integrated Flight Deck avionics that are paired with the Aspen Avionics CG-100 Connected Panel.

According to the companies, the iPad-based INDS data manager provides a remote connection to load Jeppesen and Honeywell flight data to onboard Honeywell avionics. Visit

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