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By Jonathan Ray | January 1, 2013
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Standby Attitude Module

Mid-Continent Instruments and Avionics, of Wichita, Kan., introduced MD302 Standby Attitude Module (SAM), a 2-inch by 5-inch standby display. This self-contained, solid-state instrument provides attitude, altitude, airspeed and slip information to the pilot during normal operation or in the case of primary instrument failure, according to the company.

Mid-Continent said the unit is designed to fit in less panel space than a standard set of 2-inch mechanical attitude, altitude and airspeed indicators. Its two-screen display features selectable horizontal and vertical orientation. Visit

AS9100 Certification

Sandel Avionics, based in Vista, Calif., received its AS9100, Rev C and ISO 9001:2008 certification from NSF International.

The Quality Management System standard (AS9100) is designed to meet stringent, complex and unique demands of the defense and commercial aerospace industry. With nearly 100 additional requirements specific to aerospace, being certified by an accredited AS9100 and ISO9001 registrar provides organizations with a comprehensive standard focused on areas directly impacting air worthiness, safety and reliability. Visit

West Coast Location

WireMasters, based in Columbia, Tenn., expanded its operation to include a warehouse facility in Mesa, Ariz. The company said it has experienced consistent growth in the western United States, western Canada and Mexico in the last few years. The 10,000-square-foot warehouse will stock about $1 million worth of Mil-Spec wire, cable, connectors and tubing available for same day shipments, the company said. Visit

HUD Availability

West Star Aviation, based in East Alton, Ill., announced the availability of the Enhanced Flight Vision System (EFVS), known as HUD Vision Access (HVA) for the Challenger 604 and Challenger 605.

The HVA system consists of three line replacable units. Benefits of the system include safer operation in low visibility, enhanced situation awareness, terrain avoidance, runway incursion detection and lower landing credits to minimums of 100 feet above the ground. Visit

Satcom Support App

Satcom Direct, of Satellite Beach, Fla., launches Unity, a mobile satcom support product that allows avionics technicians to connect to multiple satcom systems for troubleshooting, diagnostic and configuration management.

The Unity product kit includes a selection of terminal adapters and the new Get Satcom mobile application, which accesses data from the satcom systems. The Get Satcom app supports and operates on the latest Apple iOS and allows customers to use their iPhones and iPads to interface with satcom equipment. Visit


The FliteDeck Pro Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) system from Jeppesen, of Englewood, Colo., is now available for the iPad.

Flight information, including worldwide navigation charts, is delivered to Jeppesen FliteDeck Pro through the Jeppesen Distribution Manager Pro system. The system distributes encrypted and virus-free operational data and documents across a Web-based system. The system also provides for grouping of devices and configuration reporting, and supports the needs of operators for regulatory audits. Visit

Pro Line 21 Upgrade STC

Hawker Beechcraft Global Customer Support (GCS) received FAA supplemental type certification for the Rockwell Collins Integrated Display System (IDS) flight deck upgrade for the Beechcraft 1900D. This upgrade removes the factory installed Pro Line II EFIS 84 system, as well as other analog instrumentation, and replaces it with an integrated three-display Pro Line 21 IDS system.

The Pro Line 21 IDS utilizes three 10-inch by 8-inch LCDs. The Primary Flight Display combines attitude, altitude, air speed and heading references with a graphical interface. Its multifunction display enables pilots to quickly reference information in order to facilitate strategic decision making, the company said. Visit

Air Data Test Set

Barfield introduces an automated and Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum-compliant air data test set, model DPS1000. Features of the product include automated operation, a user-friendly interface with color touchscreen and customer programmable test routines, according to the company. Visit

Airborne Processing Unit

Curtiss-Wright Controls Defense Solutions (CWCDS) announced the availability of its SYS-C365 Deployable Rugged System, a rugged commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) system for airborne platforms.

Designed for a specific military program, with more than 500 units already deployed in airborne platforms worldwide, the SYS-C365 is a Power Architecture (PowerPC) based processing unit that provides an array of I/O and standard multi-protocol communication channels, the company said.

Designed for deployment in harsh military environments, the SYS-C365 features a fully rugged conduction-cooled enclosure. It has been designed to operate in a temperature range from -40 ºC to +71ºC, with specific emphasis on avionics requirements, according to the company. Visit

Flight View Camera

Flight Display Systems, based in Alpharetta, Ga., introduced a high-definition glareshield color camera. When mounted in the cockpit of an aircraft, this camera will provide passengers with the opportunity to observe taxi, take-off and landing, the company said.

The camera produces 1080p output at 30 frames per second and 720p at 60 fps via HD-SDI. The effective pixel resolution is 1944(H) x 1092(V). Optics include a 6mm, f=3.6 lens. The minimum illumination is 0.1 Lux. Camera will include a mounting base. Visit

Cabin Lighting

Heads Up Technologies, based in Carrollton, Texas, added RGB and Variable White LED lighting systems to its family of cabin lighting products. These products integrate with Heads Up Technologies’ Lumin Cabin Management System (CMS), the company said.

The RGB and Variable White LED lights communicate with the CMS via RS-485 data buss protocols. The onboard intelligence provides a greater degree of control over real time color control and dimming, creating noticeably better responsiveness than previous designs, the company said. Visit

New Facility

LCR Electronics, a Norristown, Pa.-based manufacturer of backplanes and ruggedized integrated chassis, electronic control products, and EMI filters for military, telecommunications and commercial applications, opened a Systems Integration Design, Development and Test Facility in Ridgeland, Miss. Visit


Garmin, based in Olathe, Kan., introduced the GTX 3000, a remote-mount, Mode-S transponder designed to accommodate the environmental and operational demands of transport category aircraft.

The GTX 3000 meets the requirements for TCAS II/ACAS II compatibility and also meets the latest standards for full automatic dependent surveillance-broadcast (ADS-B) Out compliance, the company said. The GTX 3000 has received TSO/DO-260B authorization allowing it to meet current compliance standards as a certified ADS-B Out solution, when paired with a compatible position source. The GTX 3000 broadcasts on the 1090 MHz ADS-B frequency.

The GTX 3000 will be standard equipment on several new aircraft platforms including the Cessna Citation X, Citation Latitude, Citation Longitude and Citation Sovereign, the Bombardier Learjet 70 and Learjet 75, the company said. Visit

Power System

Astronics Corp., based in East Aurora, N.Y., added USB charging capability to its EMPOWER System line of products for the business jet market.

The EMPOWER 28VDC to 115VAC System supports power requirements for passenger and crew portable electronic devices.

The company said the flexibility of a combined AC/USB outlet conserves valuable cabin space and provides customers with two modes of available power at each seat location. Should customers desire, the AC and USB outlets can be installed separately. Visit

Wide-Screen ESIS

L-3 Aviation Products introduced its GH-3900RSU Electronic Standby Instrument System (ESIS). Slated to be certified in 2013, the new system features a 4.2-inch diagonal high-resolution display (DU-42) and a separate Remote Sensor Unit (RSU).

L-3 has developed a two-part system that separates the display from the sensor array, allowing technicians to install the system behind the aircraft’s panel, including areas with limited space. A RSU houses rate/level sensors, air data transducers and optional accelerometers, which deliver attitude, altitude, airspeed and navigation data to the DU-42 display. The GH-3900RSU allows the installer to define data I/O interfaces, Static Source Error Correction and Velocity Maximum Operating values, as well as customize display parameters. Visit

Leak Detection System

Spectroline, based in Westbury, N.Y., introduced OPTI-LUX 365, a LED leak detection flashlight for all aviation fluid system applications.

The OPTI-LUX 365 works with Spectroline Aero-Brite universal fluorescent dye. The flashlight has an inspection range of up to 10 feet. Powered by one rechargeable lithium-ion battery (extra battery included in kit), it provides 4 hours of continuous inspection between charges. Visit


FLYHT Aerospace Solutions, based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, received an activation Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) for its Automated Flight Information Reporting System (AFIRS) 228 on ATR 42/72 model aircraft from Transport Canada.

AFIRS 228 provides a fully certified avionics platform capable of meeting all air navigation communications requirements in Europe, the United States and other jurisdictions around the world, the company said. Additionally, it will also provide the input and outputs necessary to enhance the value of real-time data for FLYHT’s customers globally. Visit

Pitot Static Tester

Laversab, based in Sugar Land, Texas, introduced the model 6300 Automated RVSM/Pitot Static/Air Data tester.

The system meets RVSM requirements and needs to be calibrated only once a year. Using a small remote a user can operate the tester from the cockpit and safely test the entire pitot and static system of the aircraft, including altimeters, encoders, climb indicators, airspeed/Mach indicators, air data computers and auto-pilots, according to the company. The model 6300 Pitot Static Tester includes built-in vacuum and pressure pumps and emergency manual bleed-down valves. Visit

Avionics Partnership

Marilake Aerosystems, a U.K.-based avionics and instrument repair company, formed a strategic partnership with RGV Aviation to offer light aircraft owners and operators a full workshop-based avionics and instrumentation repair capability.

The partnership allows RGV to offer avionics and instrumentation component repair capability for its customers in addition to the many avionics installation and support options already offered at its facility at U.K.’s Gloucester Airport. Visit

Communications System

ARINC Direct introduced its DirectConnect Onboard Communications System. The new system offers distinct capabilities in one portable device –– complete ACARS messaging (including graphical weather), utilizing an iPad app as the user interface, high-quality voice using an iPhone or Android device, and managed email via Iridium or Inmarsat satellite networks.

The company said the system enables global connectivity and seamless operation of common communication forms for both pilots and passengers. With two channels, the system supports simultaneous voice and data communications or even two simultaneous voice calls. Visit

UAV Avionics

UAV Navigation released its LCAP GPS and Air Data System (ADS)-aided avionics system for mini UAV targets, hand-launched helicopters, and other types of high performance UAVs.

According to the company, the LCAP avionics system can survive any single sensor failure, including GPS outage, and still provide adequate navigation capabilities. The system includes a Flight Control CPU that hosts the control software, a high-performance GPS module, ADS and a set of interfaces including Digital and Analog IOs, CAN and Ethernet. It can also be fitted with additional external sensors such as radar altimeters or magnetometers. Visit

XMC Card

Data Device Corp. (DDC), based in Bohemia, N.Y., introduced the BU-67112 Mil-Std-1553 XMC card designed to meet the data demands of mission critical military aerospace applications.

The card’s advanced I/O incorporates DDC’s Total-AceXtreme Mil-Std-1553 component with low-power ASIC design. By combining protocol, transceivers and transformers all in one component, the Total-AceXtreme utilizes significantly less parts compared to other designs, enabling the card to deliver significant power savings and increased performance, along with a greater MTBF, and a high channel count, according to the company. Visit

Field Guide

Duncan Aviation, based in Lincoln, Neb., released a new field guide, “HD Cabin Entertainment Upgrades: Requirements, Upgrade Paths and Alternatives,” which aims to answer common questions about creating an HD-capable entertainment system for business aircraft, image quality, upgrade alternatives and equipment selection. Written by industry experts, the field guide includes comparison charts that illustrate factors that influence image quality. Visit

Turret Simulator

L-3 WESCAM launched its MXTM-Sim, a training product that simulates the complete operations of WESCAM’s MX Series of electro-optical and infrared imaging turrets.

L-3’s MX-Sim, developed with INSYEN AG, based in Germany, connects to multiple L-3 WESCAM standard control systems, including hand grips, joysticks and mission grips. Pre-planned scenarios, including improvised explosive device surveillance, search and rescue, and counter-terrorism missions have been created to better replicate expensive in-flight training experiences, the company said. Visit

LCD Monitor

Aircraft Cabin Systems, based in Redmond, Wash., and Gulfstream developed LCD video monitors and touchscreens that interface with the Gulfstream Cabin Management System (GCMS).

Three new HD LCD Video Monitors have been developed 26-inch credenza monitor and two bulkhead monitors (26 inches and 17 inches) are strategically placed in the cabin to facilitate passenger crew rest viewing, the company said.

Two touchscreens, one using a 10-inch LCD screen is located in the Galley and the other using a 5.7-inch LCD screen is located in the Vestibule. The 10-inch monitor is also used for pre-screening video sources as well as controlling a multitude of cabin functions such as window shades; video programming presented to the cabin video monitors, etc. Visit

Signal Recording

Pentek, based in Upper Saddle River, N.J., introduced the Talon RF/IF signal recording and playback system; Model RTR 2727 rugged portable recorder is suitable for military and aerospace applications.

The system features recording and playback of IF signals up to 700 MHz with signal bandwidths to 200 MHz. The RTR 2727 has up to eight hot- swap solid state drives (SSD), front panel USB ports and I/O connections on the side panel. The aluminum alloy case is reinforced with shock absorbing rubber corners and an impact-resistant protective screen. Visit

Site Acceptance Test

Frequentis passed Site Acceptance Tests (SAT) for the implementation of its Communication Solutions in the Air Traffic Control Center and the Control Tower in San Andres, Colombia.

The signing of this acceptance enables the Colombian ANSP “Aeronautica Civil de Colombia” to operate with technology for Voice Communication and Recording combined with synchronise replay of voice and local recorded 3rd party radar data, the company said. The Frequentis Voice Communication System is also equipped with a IP Backup System for all radio and telephone connections. Visit

Mobile Phone System

TrueNorth Avionics, based in Ottawa, Canada, introduced its GSM-based mobile phone system called Simphone Mobile, which enables business jet owners and operators to offer airborne voice and text services, allowing passengers and crew to talk and text with their own mobile phones from the moment they board the aircraft. Simphone Mobile leverages TrueNorth’s Simphone Chorus system, which provides Internet access, Wi-Fi enterprise email, and high definition onboard voice capabilities.

Simphone Mobile is a single line replaceable unit (LRU), in an ARINC 600 form factor, GSM phone solution. The LRU is installed alongside the TrueNorth Simphone Chorus system, which already provides Internet, email and Wi-Fi capabilities, as well as high definition onboard voice. The addition of Simphone Mobile provides new voice and texting capabilities. Visit

WAAS Sensor

The NexNav mini GPS WAAS Class Beta-1, developed by Accord Technology of Phoenix, is now available for the Trig TT31 transponder.

U.K.-based Trig Avionics recently gained FAA Approved Model List (AML) of the Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) that incorporates the NexNav mini sensor line replaceable unit (LRU) as a qualified position source. The flight test program was successfully completed by Peregrine of Englewood, Colo., using a Mooney M20 aircraft.

Accord Technology received TSO-C145c for its NexNav mini in 2010 and fully qualified as GPS source per the FAA Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) Advisory Circular 20-165. Visit

Data Management System

International Communications Group (ICG), based in Newport News, Va., announced the development of a new product series designated the eRouter, a data management system and communications access point.

A baseline product called the ERT-100 and ERT-120 will perform data routing functions while the ERT-140 provides enhanced features such as VoIP, analog and digital telephony and data transfer enhancements such as acceleration and compression.

The eRouter is a small (12 inch by 8 1⁄2 inch by 3 3⁄4 inch) flange mount device that offers will provide airborne connectivity for Electronic Flight Bags, passenger PCs, Smartphones and other IP devices.

In addition to Wi-Fi connectivity, the eRouter offers 4G GSM service that can be used for file transfers when the aircraft is on the ground. Visit

Attitude Training

Stallion 51 Corp., of Kissimmee, Fla., offer real-time, real-life Unusual Attitude Training in a specially equipped L-39 turbojet.

The newly formed UAT Company aims to train pilots to recognize and respond accurately and quickly before the situation progresses into one from which they may be unable to recover.

The UAT L-39 is outfitted with an Electronic Flight Instrument System with the design capability to withstand extreme flight attitudes. The EFIS equipment closely simulates current corporate and executive aircraft cockpit layouts. The UAT L-39 is also equipped with specially designed onboard cameras that allow for accurate visual and audio debriefs of the training from both inside the cockpit and outside the airplane, the company said. Visit

Completion Center

OnAir, a joint venture of SITA and Airbus, expanded its network of completion centers, with the addition of Boeing Business Jet (BBJ) specialist PATS Aircraft Systems, of Georgetown, Del. The first joint project is the installation of Mobile OnAir on a Boeing 737-900ER BBJ, due for delivery in the first half of 2013, the companies said. Visit

9001:2008 Certification

MGT Trading Aeronautics, a landing gear parts sales and distribution company based in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., achieved certification to the ISO 9001:2008 quality management system. American Systems Registrar (ASR), of Wyoming, Mich., will serve as the company’s registrar. Visit

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