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ITT Exelis, Metron Team on ATM System

By Tish Drake | September 10, 2012
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ITT Exelis and Metron Aviation are collaborating to develop a joint product offering, Symphony OpsVue with Harmony, which will provide airport and airline customers with a comprehensive view of their operations in the air and on the ground. Under the partnership, the product will incorporate the flexible flight data visualizations of Exelis Symphony OpsVue with Metron Harmony’s flow management and Collaborative Decision Making capabilities to track aircraft and vehicle movement gate-to-gate.

Symphony OpsVue is a web-hosted application that provides visualization of all flights in the National Airspace System and operational monitoring and alerting for diversion management, irregular operations, and compliance with passenger bill of rights requirements. Symphony OpsVue leverages the most comprehensive and complete aircraft surveillance data available, including data from the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) NextGen surveillance system. Metron Harmony is a web-based application that allows airline and airport users to predict congestion on the airport surface and en route. Metron Harmony includes decision support tools that allow proactive management of congestion, advanced slot substitution capabilities and efficient collaboration with the FAA’s national traffic flow management system.

"The strategic integration of the air traffic management tools of Exelis and Metron Aviation provide unprecedented capability for airline and airport operators. It will allow them to effectively manage their operations for maximum system throughput and efficiency," said Ted Carniol, principal for commercial services at ITT Exelis Information Systems. "The centrally hosted applications, combined with sophisticated monitoring and support, allows customers to bring a reliable capability to their operation without the need for establishing physical IT infrastructure and system support staffing."

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