Airbus Providing EFB Calculations for iPad

By Tish Drake | July 11, 2012
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Airbus on Wednesday said it is now providing its Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) performance-calculating applications for Pilots on iPad. Airlines will soon be able to download the first apps as part of its “FlySmart with Airbus” EFB portfolio from the App Store, the airframe manufacturer said.

Airbus said it has developed iPad EFB products to provide airlines an alternative to PC operating system EFB devices. The company said it worked closely with aviation and technology experts during the concept and development phase to integrate Airbus’ EFB software with the iOS operating system. With “FlySmart with Airbus” applications on iPad, pilots will be able to compute performance calculations and also consult Airbus’ Flight Operations Manuals.

“Fifteen years ago Airbus was the pioneer in providing the first EFB applications with the goal of creating the ‘paperless’ cockpit. Today we go a step further: By combining our EFB content with the world’s most versatile mobile digital device, the iPad, airline pilots will be able to optimise aircraft performance in the palm of their hand, while obtaining savings in cost, weight and time,” Didier Lux, said executive vice president of Airbus Customer Services.

Airbus said it has already ordered iPads for its Flight Test and Training Department who will use of FlySmart with Airbus on iPad as standard practice from now on.

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