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Air France Selects Lufthansa Flight Planning System

By Tish Drake | February 8, 2012
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Air France selected Lufthansa Systems’ Lido/Flight flight planning system, which calculates optimal flight routes, under a five-year contract announced Tuesday.

The system, a component of the Integrated Operations Control Center (IOCC) from Lufthansa Systems, provides dispatchers with many optimization options regarding flight time, fuel consumption or costs of each flight. The contract also covers several add-ons of Lido/Flight, including aircraft performance solutions. Air France already uses IT systems from Lufthansa Systems for its revenue accounting and the Lido/FMS navigation data.

The implementation of Lido/Flight, which will replace an in-house solution, is part of the restructuring of the entire Air France flight support and dispatch activities. "We put very high requirements on our flight planning systems in terms of reliability, efficiency and process management. We evaluated Lido/Flight intensively in every aspect and are convinced that it will contribute to the re-engineering of our operations. In addition, we have taken into consideration the positive experiences of our sister company KLM, which has been using Lido/Flight for 10 years. With the new system we will be able to reduce costs, save fuel and make our processes in daily airline operations more efficient," said Laurent Barthelemy, senior vice president, operations control, at Air France.

Additional options to be used by Air France include Lido/Flight TFR (Traffic Flow Restrictions) which opens up a host of new route options as it considers partly restricted airways, Lido/Flight InflightMonitor, which automatically informs the dispatcher about all notifications relevant to flights which have been calculated but not yet completed and aircraft performance solutions Lido/Flight TakeOff and Lido/Flight Landing.

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