USAF Selects iPad App for C21A Fleet

By Tish Drake | November 1, 2011
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CAVU Companies, based in West Winfield, N.Y., will provide its EFB-Pro iPhone app for the U.S. Air Force’s C21A fleet. The app produces takeoff and landing performance calculations from the C21A aircraft flight manual and weight & balance for multiple configurations, the company said.

The company said this app was attractive to the Air Force because it used commercial-off-the-shelf equipment and required no Internet connection for use.

"The use of EFB-Pro will greatly enhance the crew’s ability to meet our challenging, scramble-like, mission requirements in environments that rarely support internet connectivity," said Maj. Mark Thomas.

The Air Force operates the C21A, a variant on the Lear 35A, in both VIP and Med-Evac configurations.

"They (USAF) needed the ability to quickly switch between passenger and stretcher configurations without requiring the unit to be reprogrammed. EFB-Pro simply allows the pilot to select the aircraft from a pull-down list and then toggle the appropriate configuration. All the weight and balance information is automatically set and integrated directly into the performance calculations." says James Deuvall, president of CAVU Companies.

EFB-Pro, which is an authorized App Store application that operatives on the iPad and iPhone, calculates performance and weight & balance, and, if an Internet connection is available, integrates current weather into the calculations.

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