Balkan Holidays Airlines Selects Lufthansa Charts

By Tish Drake | June 9, 2011
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Bulgarian charter carrier Balkan Holidays Airlines has selected the Lido/RouteManual navigation charts from Lufthansa Systems. BH Air will start to use the paper-based charts while preparing for the introduction of the electronic Lido/eRouteManual.

Lido/RouteManual and Lido/eRouteManual contain take-off and landing procedures, airport and en-route charts. These charts are generated directly from the Lido navigation database, which includes worldwide aeronautical information and topographical data. The layout, colors and symbols are identical in the paper-based and the electronic version, which will make it easier for pilots to switch to Lido/eRouteManual. One benefit of Lido/eRouteManual is that its charts can be updated more quickly and easily than paper charts, since updated charts no longer need to be printed out and distributed to each cockpit. In addition, cockpit crews can determine the level of detail presented by the charts.

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