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Sensis Completes Critical Design Review

By Tish Drake | October 13, 2009
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Sensis Corp., based in Syracuse, N.Y., completed the Critical Design Review (CDR) for the Canadian Department of National Defence (DND) Terminal Radar and Control System (TRACS) Area Surveillance Radar (ASR-3) modernization program. The modernization program includes replacing the majority of the TRACS/ASR-3’s original electronics with commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware, including a modern Signal Processing system and a highly reliable Solid State Transmitter. Sensis’ open architecture approach allows for easy integration of future technologies and capabilities. “Modernizing radars with proven COTS components is a cost-effective alternative to deploying a new radar system,” said Marc Viggiano, chief operating officer of Sensis. “By employing a similar strategy to other defense radar systems, our customers continue to experience exceptional performance and reduced operating costs many years after being modernized.”

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