Hermetic Sealed Connectors

ITT Interconnect Solutions released a hermetically sealed connector with a lightweight aluminum shell for low-pressure water immersion or fording applications. Meeting all Mil-Std-810 and IP67 water immersion requirements, the KJAYA Series connector utilizes a special sealant and provides hermetic sealing of 0.01-micron cubic feet per hour for pressure differentials of 15 PSI. The company said the connectors are appropriate for a variety of military and aerospace applications, including integrated avionics, communication and navigation equipment, displays and instrumentation, data processing equipment, electronic warfare systems, radar and sensors.
The connectors are water immersion sealed to 10 to -7 cubic centimeters per second, and they are available in MIL-DTL-38999 standard insert patterns with either PC tail or poke-home crimp piggyback terminations. Operating temperature ranges from -55°C to +150°C. Visit www.ittcannon.com.

Blu-Ray Player

Flight Display Systems, of Alpharetta, Ga., has released a Blu-ray disc player for aircraft. Flight Display’s system includes HDMI and composite output, making it backward-compatible with older LCD and plasma monitors. It includes a wireless IR remote and a RS485 port for interface to other cabin management systems. Visit www.flightdisplay.com.

Ramp Test Set

Aeroflex added IFF test modes 1, 2 and TACAN as standard features to the IFR 6015 Ramp Test Set, a battery-powered portable unit designed to test the operation of aviation transponder modes 1, 2, 3A/C/S. The new capabilities enable the 6015 to emulate several different TACAN test sets, including AN/ASM-663 and AN/ARM-184. It includes RF level control for track sensitivity tests. The IFR 6015, which weighs 8 pounds and has an average battery life of about six hours, comes with a detachable directional antenna that may be hand held or mounted on the test set or tripod. Visit www.aeroflex.com.

Air Data Computer

Sandia Aerospace, Albuquerque, N.M., received FAA TSO approval for its SAC 7-35 Airdata Computer. The SAC 7-35 is TSO’d as an Altitude Encoder and provides Gilliam Grey Code for legacy transponders and RS 232 Pressure Altitude outputs for modern designs.
The SAC 7-35 supplies digital fuel flow information to navigation systems that have fuel flow displays. Also included is Sandia’s Altitude In-Flight Monitoring, which alerts the pilot when he or she deviates more than 100 feet from the selected altitude. Vist www.sandia.aero.

Sensor Simulator

PCB Piezotronics, of Depew, N.Y., introduced an ICP sensor simulator, Model 401B04. The simulator accepts test signals from a voltage function generator, and allows test engineers to make sure the entire measuring chain of cable, ICP or IEPE signal conditioning and data acquisition system is set up properly. Visit www.pcb.com.

Protocol Converter

The PCU100 Lynx Protocol Converter from Agilynx, of Billerica, Mass., is to be installed on two C-130s by Marshall Aerospace U.K., as part of the Royal Netherlands Air Force C-130 fleet modernization program. The PCU100 transfers data between Mil-Std-1553B and ARINC 429, and provides 28VDC compatible Input/Output discrete interfaces. Data can be reformatted, rescaled and time-tagged. The converter supports eight 429 inputs, four 429 outputs, 16 Discrete inputs, four Discrete outputs and a 1553B dual-redundant bus. Visit www.agilynx.com.

Software Package

HighRely, of Phoenix, released RelyCHECK, a paperless software package that provides automation for project management and reviews within safety-critical standards, including FAA DO-178B and DO-254. HighRely said the package reduces DO-178 and DO-254 development costs by ensuring consistent engineering reviews and automated DO-178B/DO-254 record keeping. The system integrates with most DO-178B/DO-254 Configuration Management systems. Visit www.relycheck.com.

Push-Button Switch

APEM Components, of Haverhill, Mass., introduced a 16mm push-button switch. It has tactile and snap acting contact mechanisms, with gold or silver plated contacts and with NO, NC and NO/NC electrical functions. It is rated for 500,000 cycles at 250 VAC and at 1 million cycles for low-level applications. The switch is customizable with 10 actuator colors, five LED colors, a round or square bezel and five termination options. Visit www.apem.com.

Inmarsat Partner

Satcom Direct, of Satellite Beach, Fla., was chosen as a distribution partner for Inmarsat SwiftBroadband services for corporate, government and military aviation. Visit www.satcomdirect.com.

PC/104 Card

Data Device Corp., of Bohemia, N.Y., released the SB-36320CX Digital-to-Synchro/Resolver PC/104 card. It has two output channels with opto-isolated discrete I/O for external control functions. The SB-36320CX offers accuracies to 1 arc minute at 16 bit resolution, and output power to 15ma. A ruggedized version is available with a temperature range of – 40° to +85°C. Visit www.ddc-web.com.

EMI Hood

Positronic Industries released an EMI aluminum hood (backshell) for aerospace applications. Features include a cable opening large enough to accommodate high-density wire bundles using twisted, shielded pairs and up to six ground points inside the hood sized and spaced for use with ring terminals up to 0.250 inch diameter. It has a thumb grip, two styles of locking systems and a square shape to facilitate wire routing and harness assembly. Visit www.connectpositronic.com.

HMI Toolkit

Quantum3D, of San Jose, Calif., issued a new version of "IData," its Human Machine Interface (HMI) toolkit. IData version 3.0.4 adds a DO-178B certified widget library, ARINC 661 capabilities, 3-D user interface capabilities and digital mapping features. It is applicable for unmanned vehicles, helicopters, in-flight entertainment and synthetic vision, the company said. Visit www.Quantum3D.com.

Anti-Collision Light

Emteq, of New Berlin, Wis., reduced the price of its chip-on-board LED red 400 candela (cd) Anti-Collision Light by 22 percent. The price reduction is the result of full rate production readiness in January, driving down material and labor costs. Full-rate production began in April 2009. Emteq holds the STC for installation of the 400cd Anti-Collision Light on L382/C130 aircraft. The product is FAA TSO and EASA ETSO certified, and meets RTCA DO-160 and Mil-Std-810 standards. Visit www.emteq.com.

Connector Approval

Tyco Electronics obtained approval from the U.S. Navy for its Multimode LightCrimp Plus ST connector, which has been added to the Navy Recommended Fiber Optic Components Parts List. The LightCrimp Plus ST connector has a dedicated termination kit — part number 2064764-1 — use of which is recommended for proper installation. Visit www.tycoelectronics.com.

Avionics Partnership

Avidyne Corp., was selected by Extra Aircraft LLC, of Lancaster, Pa., as the avionics partner for the Extra EA-500 aircraft. Avidyne will provide its Entegra Release 9 Integrated Flight Deck avionics for the EA-500, including high-resolution Integrated Flight Displays, WAAS-capable FMS900w Flight Management System, and dual 16-watt all-digital VDL-capable VHF radios. Initial deliveries are expected in 2009, Avidyne said. Visit www.avidyne.com.

VHF Transceiver

MGL Avionics, of Torrance, Calif., introduced its V10 VHF aviation transceiver. The non-TSO’d air band VHF transceiver fits in a round 3 1/8-inch instrument hole and has a mounting depth of 2.2 inches, plus connectors. It weighs about 8.8 ounces and transmits 6 watts of power. The V10 has an intercom system with several operation modes, including VOX options and MGL Avionics’ proprietary VOGAD, or voice-operated gain-adjusting device system, which adjusts the gain of the microphone based on the level of your voice. Visit www.mglavionics.com.

Rugged Monitors

Avalex Technologies, of Pensacola, Fla., released a line of rugged monitors for aircraft and ground vehicles. The monitors come in 12, 14 and 22-inch sizes. The company said the LCD displays are useful for viewing multiple signals such as camera video or electro-optical/infrared signals. Also displayed are Extended Graphics Array (XGA), Super XGA, Ultra XGA and Wide Ultra XGA computer signals. The product line includes wide viewing angles and a number of standard options, such as high definition, touch screen, freeze and zoom capability, heater glass for use in cold temperatures and video loop through. Visit www.avalex.com.

Ethernet Switch

Aeronix, of Melbourne, Fla., released the Gigabit Ethernet switch (GES), a 12-port switch weighing less than 3 pounds with dimensions of 8.25-inches by 5.1-inches by 1.38-inches. Its average power consumption is 16 watts with all 12 ports active, and meets Mil-Std-704A power specifications and shock/vibration qualification, the company said. Visit www.aeronix.com.

Static Inverter

Mid-Continent Instruments, Wichita, Kan., introduced the MD50 Static Inverter. Weighing 3.1 pounds, it is smaller than traditional inverters, but with the same connector and footprint of legacy designs, the company said. The MD50 produces 500 watts of AC power and converts 28 VDC input into 115 VAC, 60 Hz with a true sine wave. It is certified to FAA TSO C73 and RTCA DO160F environmental standards, and features overload and short circuit protection, remote on/off capability and a self-cooling system. Visit www.mcico.com.

High-Definition System

DeCrane Aerospace Audio International, of Little Rock, Ark., introduced its AI Platinum Elite High-Definition System, which provides 1080p resolution via high-speed 3G-SDI over CANbus architecture. The HD system uses aircraft-standard video coaxial cable and connections. It distributes uncompressed 3G-SDI high-definition video signals to create theater-quality video. Features include a built-in system self test and remote diagnostics. Visit www.decraneaersopace.com.

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