HMDS Flies on JSF

By Tish Drake | April 11, 2007
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A Helmet Mounted Display System (HMDS) made by Rockwell Collins joint venture Vision Systems International (VSI) flew for the first time on an F-35 Joint Strike Fighter aircraft. VSI, a joint venture between EFW Inc., an Elbit Systems of America company and a subsidiary of Elbit Systems, and Rockwell Collins, said the HMDS utilizes the advanced avionics of the F-35. The HMDS provides the pilot video with imagery in day or night conditions combined with precision symbology to give the pilot situational awareness and tactical capability. Also, by virtue of precise head tracking capability and low latency graphics processing, it provides the pilot with a virtual heads-up display (HUD). The HMDS has been in development for five years and recently completed all required safety of flight tests, allowing in-flight seat ejections up to 450 KEAS (knots equivalent air speed). It has demonstrated structural integrity to 600 KEAS as a critical risk mitigation step towards full flight certification. Principal suppliers include Elbit Systems Ltd. (ESL), which provides the Display Management Computer for the Helmet that contains advanced graphic processing and head tracking; Rockwell Collins, which builds the Helmet Mounted Display, including advanced optical design; and Helmet Integrated Systems Ltd. (HISL) of the United Kingdom, providing the helmet shell and pilot personal fitting system.

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