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PODCAST: Managing Air Cargo Operations at Frankfurt Airport During a Pandemic

Max Conrady is the senior vice president of cargo for Fraport AG. He oversees cargo operations at Frankfurt International Airport.

On this episode of the Global Connected Aircraft Podcast, we caught up with Max Conrady, Senior Vice President Cargo, Fraport AG to discuss what it’s like to manage air cargo operations at one of Europe’s busiest airports during a global pandemic.

While the travel restrictions from the outbreak of COVID-19 have caused a dramatic reduction in the number of passenger flights occurring right now, the volume of air cargo operations has remained relatively similar to the levels they were at during this time a year ago.

According to Conrady, who oversees all of the air cargo operations at Frankfurt Airport, they’re still managing about 250 air cargo flights per day. The Fraport executive also discusses how they’re managing parked aircraft and some of the regulatory and data exchange challenges they’re dealing with.

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