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By Jonathan Ray | May 1, 2009

CompactPCI CPU Board

Kontron, of Eching, Germany, introduced the Rugged Conduction-Cooled (RC) Kontron CP3210 CompactPCI CPU board. The board is described as ideal for applications requiring high processing power, including defense, aerospace, maritime, industrial, transportation and communications applications. The Kontron CP3210 CompactPCI CPU board is an enhanced version of the Kontron PowerEngineC7, a system in use in defense programs. The Kontron CP3210 incorporates a thermal sensor for health monitoring and thermal management. The board includes a 733 MHz processor, an onboard user memory of 512 MB DDR SDRAM with ECC clocked at 266 MHz, 128 MB of System Flash memory, 256 MB of User Flash memory and 128 KB of nvSRAM with realclock. It also offers two onboard serial lines, two Ethernet channels — one Gigabit and one 10/100, as well as one 33/66 MHz PMC expansion slot (PCI Mezzanine Card). It has an operating temperature range from -40°C to +85°C. Visit

Miniature Connectors

ITT Interconnect Solutions has developed a family of miniature circular connectors with similar electrical and mechanical characteristics to larger, heavier MIL-DTL-38999 connectors. The Trinity MKJ Series connectors are up to 71 percent lighter and 52 percent smaller than comparable devices, and feature size 23 pin and socket contacts that have the equivalent electrical performance of size 22 contacts. The connectors are suited for applications including industrial, military and aerospace, the company said. The MKJ Series connectors are offered with liquid crystal polymer inserts holding 3 to 85 size 23 rear-release beryllium copper crimp contacts accommodating #22 to #28 AWG wire. Operating temperature ranges from -55°C to +150°C. Visit

Messaging Middleware

Real-Time Innovations (RTI), Sunnyvale, Calif., released the first version of RTI Data Distribution Service, Safety-Critical Edition, which is a small footprint of its real-time messaging middleware designed to meet safety certification standards such as DO-178B for avionics. The new edition was initially developed for use in satellite applications by the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory, but it also is applicable to communication within and between avionics systems and Unmanned Aircraft System ground-control stations, the company said. The middleware provides a message bus for integrating distributed components of avionics systems, such as control systems, sensors, actuators and displays. Its loosely coupled integration approach reduces long-term software maintenance costs by allowing individual subsystems to be added or upgraded without impacting existing software. The RTI Data Distribution Service, Safety-Critical Edition, will initially support Linux, Solaris, VxWorks 5.5 and VxWorks 6.4 operating systems. It is designed to be portable to other RTOS environments such as the LynxOS and Integrity real-time operating systems, RTI said. Visit

Pressure Gauges

QED/inc, of Santa Ana, Calif., introduced a line of miniature pressure gauges for the commercial and military aerospace industries. The pressure gauges, which qualify for MIL-G-25867, are built to resist humidity, salt, fog, fungus, dirt, over-pressure, endurance, seasoning, temperature-altitude and temperature fluctuations. The QED/inc. gauges can withstand shock loads up to 100Gs and temperature fluctuations from -65°F (-54°C) to +257°F (+120°C). Visit

DO-178B Support

Klocwork, of Burlington, Mass., and Enea, of Stockholm, Sweden, have partnered to deliver a service and systems package to help avionics software customers comply with DO-178B. The companies said Klocwork Insight’s advanced source code analysis capabilities combined with Enea’s DO-178B expertise allow avionics customers to achieve credit for numerous objectives of DO-178B certification, particularly several Software Verification and Software Lifecycle Data objectives. Additionally, Klocwork has developed a qualification kit and documentation to streamline the qualification process for DO-178B customers. Visit

Altimeter Display

FreeFlight Systems, of Waco, Texas, introduced the RAD-40 radar altimeter display, a panel-mount digital display that provides the pilot with a precise readout of the aircraft’s height above ground level. The altimeter display includes a pilot-selectable Decision Height and five additional trip points (from 100 to 1,000 feet). The RAD-40 display is compatible with FreeFlight Systems’ TSO-certified RA-4000 and RA-4500 radar altimeters. The RA-4500 altimeter, with an ARINC 429 interface, and the RA-4000 altimeter are designed to enhance operational safety during approaches, nighttime operations and flights above hazardous terrain. Visit

Autopilot DVD

Sporty’s Pilot Shop, of Batavia, Ohio, introduced "Pilot’s Guide to Modern Autopilots," an instruction video. Featuring the Garmin GFC-700 in a Cessna 182 and the S-Tec 55X in a Cirrus SR-22, the video demonstrates the preflight and set-up procedures a pilot should do on every flight. Scenario-based training in both VFR and IFR conditions will help a pilot understand how the autopilots fly instrument approaches, standard instrument departures (SID) and standard terminal arrival routes (STAR), while reducing pilot workload and enhancing safety, the company said. The 32-minute video is available as a DVD or via download from the company’s Website. Visit

Satellite Router Board

VT iDirect, Inc. (iDirect), based in Herndon, Va., introduced the iConnex e850mp Satellite Router Board. The e850mp is half the size of iDirect’s standard iConnex board and features iDirect’s proprietary Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum technology for ultra-small mobile antennae. It also supports military-grade security specifications, including AES encryption, TRANSEC, FIPS 140-2, and X.509 digital certificate encryption and automatic over-the-air key exchange. When combined with a bi-directional satellite antenna, the e850mp extends high-speed data, voice and video connectivity to a wide range of small form-factor portable and mobile solutions, including medium- and small-size aircraft, cargo planes and UAVs. Visit

Datacom STC

Spectralux Corp., of Redmond, Wash., received FAA supplemental type certification for installation of its Dlink+ data communication system on Boeing 757s. The Dlink+ provides a communication management system with baseline ACARS, Aircraft Operational Control, and VDL Mode 0/A/2 radio, intuitive pilot interface, and Out/Off/On/In, with customizable menus and frequency tables. It has multiple system interfaces, including satellite communications, cockpit printers (ARINC 740/744), ARINC 619 compatible cockpit devices and flight management systems. Visit

iNARTE Test Center

D.L.S. Electronic Systems, Wheeling, Ill., has met requirements of the International Association for Radio, Telecommunications and Electromagnetics (iNARTE), and is now an authorized testing center for iNARTE. As an authorized test center, the facility is able to offer exams to FCC commercial license applicants, as well as to professional engineers who want to become iNARTE certified. D.L.S. will be giving the exams May 16 at its facility in Wheeling, Ill. Registration must be completed online at

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