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Avidyne Receives FAA Approval for DFC90 in Cessna 182s

By gguarino | October 3, 2012
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Avidyne Corp. has received an FAA Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) for installation of its DFC90 digital autopilot in Cessna 182-series aircraft when interfaced with the Aspen Avionics Evolution Pro Primary Flight Display (PFD).

The Lincoln, Mass.-based manufacturer said the initial STC covers the DFC90 autopilot as a plug-and-play retrofit of existing STEC55X systems of Cessna 182 Skylane Series aircraft.

The DFC90 features the evolution integration kit, which enables the PFD to provide attitude inputs from its Air Data and Attitude Reference Sensor (ADAHRS) with display mode alerts directly displayed on the PFD, according to Avidyne.

“There are significant improvements to be gained by updating older aircraft with modern instrumentation and flight control systems, and Avidyne and Aspen are working closely to bring our safety- and performance-enhancing technology to more and more aircraft,” said Dan Schwinn, president and CEO of Avidyne. “Cessna182s have continued to hold their value, and aircraft owners investing in the DFC90 and Aspen Pro PFD will be able to extend the useful life of their aircraft while making their flying safer and more enjoyable.”

Avidyne said it expects follow-on certifications for its DFC90 with the Aspen PFD to include the Beechcraft Bonanza and Baron series aircraft.


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