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NetJets Extends Fleet Agreement with Textron Aviation

By Jessica Reed | September 20, 2023
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Textron Aviation and NetJets signed a fleet agreement, giving NetJets the option to purchase up to 1,500 additional Cessna Citation business jets. (Photos: Textron Aviation)

An agreement announced today gives NetJets the option to purchase 1,500 Cessna Citation business jets from Textron Aviation over a 15-year period. Textron has provided more than 800 aircraft to NetJets over the years. This includes the Citation SII, V, Excel/XLS, Sovereign, and X, as well as more than 300 Citation Latitudes and Longitudes.

With the extension of NetJets’ existing agreement, the operator will be able to add Textron’s newest jet, the Cessna Citation Ascend aircraft, to its fleet. NetJets is the fleet launch customer for this midsize business jet, which will likely enter into service in 2025. The Citation Ascend will include Garmin G5000 avionics—featuring autothrottle technology—and a Honeywell RE100 [XL] Auxiliary Power Unit that is approved for unattended operations.

The cockpit of a Cessna Citation Ascend

Textron Aviation is NetJets’ largest provider of aircraft, according to Ron Draper, president and CEO. “Expanding and adding the Citation Ascend to the NetJets fleet will provide its global customers with even more versatility and flexibility to accomplish their missions, building upon the exceptional performance and popularity of the Latitude and Longitude,” he remarked in the company’s announcement.

NetJets has also shown interest in adding electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft to its fleet. The operator signed a purchase agreement with Lilium in 2022 for up to 150 eVTOLs.


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