BAE Moves Compass Call EW to Gulstream G550 Platform

BAE Systems will transition its Compass Call EW system to special-mission Gulfstream EC-37Bs for the U.S. Air Force. (BAE Systems)

BAE Systems has begun work to transition its advanced Compass Call electronic warfare (EW) system from aging Lockheed Martin C-130 Hercules base aircraft to more modern special-mission Gulfstream G550s.

As the mission system integrator for the program, BAE Systems is working with L3 Technologies to transition the Compass Call capabilities onto the newly dubbed EC-37Bs. This new platform will provide combatant commanders with improved stand-off jamming capability and flexibility to counter sophisticated communications and radar threats.

“The Compass Call mission electronics are world-class EW systems that are in high demand from operational commanders because of their electronic attack capabilities and their ability to protect critical missions,” said BAE's Pamela Potter. “The cross-decking program enables the Air Force to maintain existing, unmatched EW mission capabilities in an economical business jet that can fly faster, higher, and farther than its predecessor, improving mission effectiveness and survivability.”

In 2017, BAE Systems and its partners completed the initial design review of the Compass Call weapon system, and the final design review is planned for this fall. Initial modifications of the first G550 into an EC-37B are underway, with the first two aircraft planned for in 2023. A total of 10 new aircraft are planned.

BAE Systems will continue to sustain the electronics for the fleet of EC-130H Compass Call aircraft while it develops, procures, manufactures, and integrates electronics for the new fleet.


BAE Systems is exhibiting at the Farnborough Air Show in OE11.

Gulfstream is exhibiting at the Farnborough Air Show in Chalet J2.

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