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Jet It and JetClub to Become Launch Customers of Bye Aerospace Electric eFlyer 800

A computer-generated image of what Jet It’s first eFlyer 800 will look like. (Bye Aerospace)

Jet It and JetClub, two sister companies that operate unique new fractional ownership models in North America and Europe, have become the launch customers for Bye Aerospace’s all-electric twin-turboprop, the eFlyer 800.

First unveiled by the Colorado-based electric aircraft maker in April, the eFlyer 800 is being developed to feature a 500 nm range with an operational ceiling of 35,000 feet and 320-knot cruise speed. It will use two wing-mounted electric motors with dual redundant motor windings and quad-redundant battery packs.

Jet It, the North Carolina-based private aviation operator, and JetClub, their sister company serving Europe and Asia Pacific destinations, have signed a purchase agreement for a fleet of eFlyer 800 and four eFlyer 4 aircraft. Launched in 2018 by Glenn Gonzales, with expansions to Canada, Europe, and Asia through the partnership with JetClub, Jet It uses days rather than hours to sell shares of HondaJet Elite aircraft, allowing owners to only pay for the direct operating costs of the aircraft.

Bye Aerospace’s eFlyer 800 could start production and delivery at the end of 2022 or into 2023. (Bye Aerospace)

“The evolution of travel continues with this investment in sustainable aviation. At $1,600 an hour, our fleet of HondaJets is by far the cost leader in private travel and also, given the incredibly low-carbon footprint of the HondaJet, extremely friendly to the environment,” Gonzales said in a statement.  “The operating efficiency and zero emissions of the eFlyer 800 will allow Jet It and JetClub to deliver more value to travelers by further reducing the cost to travel while driving towards zero net emissions.”

Bye Aerospace expects the eFlyer, which seats up to seven passengers, to be ready for entry into service by 2025. The company is currently working with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) on Part 23 certification for their eFlyer 2 and eFlyer 4. During a recent interview with Avionics International, George Bye, CEO of Bye Aerospace, described the aviation industry’s current pace of investment and development of electric-powered aircraft a “megatrend.”

Jet It is currently operating a fleet of 10 HondaJet aircraft. (JetIt)

Gonzales will also be joining Bye Aerospace’s Strategic Advisory Council, focusing on the eFlyer 800.

“Sustainability is a key pillar of our philosophy. We operate highly fuel-efficient HondaJets and use sustainable products in our cabin. While aviation contributes only 3 percent of global emissions, that is not enough for us,” Gonzales said. “We want to be at 0 percent and today with this announcement, are investing towards that goal. Together with Bye Aerospace, we will achieve zero-emission affordable air travel this decade. This is a momentous leap in aviation sustainability in our industry.”

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