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10 Avionics Technologies and Concepts From AEE 2018

The 2018 Aviation Electronics Europe (AEE) conference and exhibition in Munich featured an in-depth look at all things communications, navigation and surveillance happening in the global world of avionics. Speakers and exhibitors included those supplying test equipment and cockpit display design technology.

Here are 10 innovative technologies and concepts that presented and exhibited during the event.

Mercury Systems Rock-2 3U OpenVPX Mission Computing Chassis

The Mercury Systems Rock 2 3U OpenVPX mission computing chassis.

Mercury Systems was exhibiting its Rock 2 3U OpenVPX mission computing chassis which the company describes as “a series of rugged, modular, pre-qualified chassis’ for subsystem pre-integration for low-SWaP C4ISR applications that require flight safety certification.”

(Un) Manned UAV Ground Control Station

(Un) Manned’s unmanned aircraft system ground control station.

Belgium-based (Un) Manned NV had one of its unmanned aircraft system ground control stations on display. The company, founded in 2014, builds aircraft control and embedded system technologies for both manned and unmanned aircraft.

Cots Technology’s Large Area Display (LAD)

Cots Technology Large Area Display system.

South Korea-based Cots Technology was exhibiting its “Large Area Display” system technology, which provides avionics display developers with enough computational throughput and memory to store and execute and operational flight program.

Elbit Systems Enhanced Vision System for Helicopters

Olivier Riberon, general manager for Elbit Systems Group presents on the company’s Enhanced Vision System technology.

Olivier Riberon, general manager for the Elbit Systems Group, gave a presentation with updates on flight testing and certification of the company’s enhanced vision system technology for civil and military use helicopters. According to Riberon, no date is confirmed yet, but it will be flight testing the technology on board the FAA’s S-76 and Leonardo’s AW139 helicopters in 2018.

Predictive Runway Overrun Awareness and Alerting System (ROAAS)

Predictive Runway Overrun Awareness and Alerting System (ROAAS).

Gernot Konrad, the head of the engineering group’s human factors division at Gulfstream, spoke on the aircraft manufacturer’s collaboration with Honeywell Aerospace to develop a Predictive Runway Overrun Awareness and Alerting System. Konrad said the two companies found in their research that the system can be used to assist in go-around decision making for pilots and for alerting flight crews for potential runway overruns. Two cockpit display concepts for the system are displayed above from Konrad’s presentation.

24-Port Gigabit Deterministic Ethernet Switch

TTTech 24 Port Gigabit Deterministic Ethernet Switch.

Vienna, Austria-based TTTech had its 24 Port TTEthernet Deterministic Ethernet switching product on display. The technology supports the integration of new functional capabilities and the design of scalable integrated architectures, which can be adapted for different aircraft platforms and applications. It also supports full 1 gbps line speed.

Presagis VAPSXT Multi Touch Avionics Display

Presagis VAPSXT.

Presagis, a supplier of simulation and graphics software and services based in Montreal, Canada had its VAPS XT human machine interface development tool on display. The company describes VAPS XT as providing open architecture and integrated logic capabilities in a model-based environment that can take avionics and unmanned aircraft ground control displays from concepts to in-service solutions.

Green Hills Software Probe

Green Hills Software Probe.

Green Hills Software was exhibiting its “Probe” hardware debug device, which connects to the onboard debug ports present on most modern microprocessors. It provides debugging, programming and system visibility for multicore systems and projects.

Vector’s VT System

Vectors VT System.

Vector, the German supplier of tools, software components and services for developing embedded systems, had its VT system on display. The company describes VT as being designed to integrate all circuit components needed to connect an input/output (I/O) channel in one module.

Aerospace Embedded Solutions Flight Control Computer

Aerospace Embedded Solutions Flight Control Computer.

Aerospace Embedded Solutions, a Munich, Germany-based joint venture between MTU Aero Engines and Safran Electronics and Defense, had its flight control computer on display. The company wants to supply the computer for flight control systems on unmanned aircraft systems and electric-hybrid propulsion air taxis in the future.

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