Fortem Powers Canada’s Beyond-Line-of-Sight Trials

Fortem's TrueView radar technology mixes high performance with a small form factor. Photo courtesy of Fortem Technologies

Fortem Technologies will participate in Transport Canada's proof-of-concept trials into beyond-visual-line-of-sight (BVLOS) operations as a partner of ING Robotic Aviation.

ING Robotic will be using Fortem's TrueView Radar as its key detect-and-avoid technology to explore safe BVLOS operations. Fortem's TrueView radar can simultaneously track thousands of objects, each smaller than a soda can, traveling at high velocity across a 360-degree field of view. The missions will be undertaken within a safe flight regime approved and monitored by Transport Canada.

“Following our selection for Transport Canada’s BVLOS Pilot Project, we are extremely pleased with this opportunity to partner with Fortem Technologies in the execution of RPAS missions to support Canada’s oil and gas sector,” said ING Robotic CEO/CTO Ian Glenn. “Fortem’s TrueView radar is essential to the safety and success of the unmanned missions we conduct.”

Through the program, Canada is attempting to gather data and industry experience validating technologies for future BVLOS operations, building on an earlier trial for first responders to evaluate the use of UAS in short-range BVLOS operations.

ING Robotic Aviation will employ helicopter and fixed-wing systems, each carrying a wide range of sensors and able to be configured to conduct various operations including: leak detection of methane/Greenhouse Gases, inspections of tailings ponds, inspection of the power grid, environmental monitoring, volumetric measurement of mining activity, examination of flare stacks and plant infrastructure in visible and thermal, safety and security - including search and rescue and myriad communications.

"Transport Canada's BVLOS trials will help validate the technologies needed to facilitate the safe use of UAVs for everything from monitoring critical infrastructure for potential threats to search and rescue and so many other valuable services," said Fortem Technologies CEO Timothy Bean. "We are thrilled to participate in this program as a provider of advanced radar solutions for ING Robotic Aviation."

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