Jeppesen Charts added to Honeywell’s GoDirect Bag of Tricks

Jeppesen’s terminal charts are being integrated into Honeywell’s GoDirect offering. Photo courtesy of Boeing

Boeing’s Jeppesen terminal chart data will be integrated into Honeywell’s GoDirect Flight Bag Pro thanks to a deal the companies struck to increase integration.

The Honeywell app allows business aviation pilots to create flight plans, view weather conditions and access flight briefing information through a unified user platform. Now with Jeppesen chart access, operators will be able to make more informed decisions while researching an airport, selecting departure procedures while flight planning or referencing their trip kit information.

Jeppesen charts are easily accessed through the GoDirect platform. Operators sign in to access their Jeppesen data subscription and download the charts they need for their flight.

Jeppesen navigation data is developed from a comprehensive aviation database, which is composed of more than one million records. To ensure accuracy, Jeppesen flight information analysts edit and verify approximately 150,000 database transactions generated from worldwide aviation data source documents during every 28-day revision cycle.

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