Guinness Toasts World-Record 10,000th Boeing 737

Guinness World Records was present to document Boeing’s 10,000th 737. Photo courtesy of Boeing

In a Guinness-recognized feat, Boeing has produced 10,000 737-line airplanes. The milestone jet was a 737 MAX 8 destined for Southwest Airlines produced at Boeing’s Renton, Washington, facility.

The 737 took almost four decades to reach 5,000 jets produced, which earned it another Guinness World Records title in 2006. Due to growing market demand and higher production rates, the 737 program reached 10,000 units only 12 years later.

Boeing will increase 737 production from the current rate of 47 airplanes per month to 52 airplanes per month later this year. The 737 program has more than 4,600 airplanes still on order, fueled by sales of the newest version of the 737: the 737 MAX.

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