Systems Update

Heim Data Systems Inc., a Belmar, N.J.-based supplier of data acquisition, record and replay equipment, has updated its GSR recorders/reproducers and D series recorders to support the IRIG106, Chapter 10, interface standard. Visit

Instructional Video

New from Sporty’s Pilot Shop, Batavia, Ohio, comes an instructional DVD called "Flying the Garmin G1000." Providing a pilot’s eye view, it demonstrates the G1000’s operation in a Cessna 182 cockpit. Visit

Cabin Lighting

Emteq Lighting and Cabin Systems, Muskego, Wis., has announced a new 115-volt Wide Body Wash light-emitting diode (LED). It was designed to be compact and easy to install. Visit

Circuit Materials

Rogers Corp., Rogers, Conn., has introduced two new adhesiveless, all-polyimide flexible circuit materials for use in liquid crystal display (LCD) interconnection and other applications. Visit

Switch Matrix

From Dow-Key Microwave, Ventura, Calif., comes a CANbus-based 800-2500-MHz solid switch matrix with an Ethernet control interface. It is available in fan-out configurations from 6X6 to 12X12. Visit

Linux Software

LynuxWorks Inc., San Jose Calif., has introduced a PowerPC version of User Mode Linux (UML), based on the Linux 2.6 kernel for the Apple PowerPC G5 64-bit processor. The software was previously available on the x86/Intel IA-32. Visit

Synthetic Instrument

Phase Matrix Inc., San Jose, Calif., VXI Technology Inc., Irvine, Calif., and National Instruments, Austin, Texas, have jointly developed VXI-based synthetic instrument (SI) measurement technology. The idea behind this commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) technology is that most measurement and stimulus functions can be executed by software with "core" synthetic instrument hardware and software components. A normal instrumentation or test system comprises discrete instruments like a digital multimeter, frequency counters, spectrum analyzers, etc. An SI looks to mimic the functionality of the test system by using the core components and software. It digitizes and manipulates the information to give the user the same result that the discrete instruments would produce.

"Rather than having racks and racks of equipment, you can replace all of that functionality with three core components and some software," says Mike Granieri, Phase Matrix’s vice president of business development for the aerospace and defense market. Foreseeing dramatic change in measurement technology because of SI, Granieri says, "You’ve got a long-established industry that’s sold instruments across instrument classes, like an oscilloscope, a digital multimeter, a counter. Now you’re kind of blurring that with a synthetic instrument…"

The SI system employs Phase Matrix’s microwave downconverter and local oscillator technology, VXI’s analog-to-digital conversion technology, and National Instrument’s LabVIEW signal processing software. The three companies plan to demonstrate their new technology on a world seminar tour that will visit 16 locations in 10 countries. Visit, and

Palm Powered Device

Garmin International Inc., Olathe, Kan., has introduced the iQue 3600a Palm Powered aviation device for navigation. The 6.2-ounce (176-gram) iQue 3600a includes a yoke-mounted cradle, as well as built-in base map, obstacle, terrain and basic Jeppesen databases. It also features a high-resolution 3.8-inch (9.6-cm) diagonal display, 200-MHz processor and a 12-channel GPS receiver that is WAAS (wide area augmentation system)-capable and includes a patented antenna design that folds into the back of the unit. Visit

DSP-based I/O Boards

From SBS Technologies, Albuquerque, N.M., comes a new line of CompactPCI digital signal processor (DSP)-based input/output (I/O) boards. The 6U DIO-6CP features two PCI mezzanine card (PMC) interface slots and is available in commercial, conformal-coated and conduction-cooled versions. The boards can process signals "on-the-fly" and handle "wide varieties" of them, SBS claims. The board was designed for mission computers and other applications in harsh environments. It supports Wind River’s VxWorks, Green Hills’ Integrity, and Microsoft Windows operating systems. Visit

Registered SDRAM

White Electronic Designs Corp., Phoenix, Ariz., has introduced its new smaller form factor Registered SDRAM (synchronous dynamic random access memory), which has 128 Mbytes of memory and bus speeds of 100, 125 and 133 MHz. The device is synchronous, with all signals registered on the positive edge of system clock cycle. In volumes of 1,000 pieces, the Registered SDRAM’s price is $267. Visit

Graphics Card

New from Curtiss-Wright Controls Embedded Computing, Real Time Video and Graphics, Oakland, Calif., comes a high-resolution PCI mezzanine card (PMC) graphics display controller and video capture card for PCI, CompactPCI and VME systems. The Topaz/PMC employs a 128-bit SM731 graphics accelerator and can support screen resolutions up to 1600 by1200 pixels. It can be used to update the graphics systems in aerospace and defense systems. Visit

CompactPCI Analyzers

From Acqiris, Monroe, N.Y., comes dual- and single-channel 6U CompactPCI high-speed analyzers. The AC240 and AC210 both have onboard data processing units that increase the useful throughput and take pressure off of the bus. This makes the analyzers applicable for signal intelligence, synthetic aperture radar, laser radar (lidar) and basic radar, the company claims. Visit

Multilanguage Display

Rockwell Collins has announced that its Airshow 4000 moving map display and flight information system for business jet cabins has added seven new languages. In addition to Arabic, French, English, German and Spanish, the system now can present information in Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Hebrew, Italian, Portuguese and Russian. Visit

DDS Platform

Green Hills Software Inc., Santa Barbara, Calif., and Real-Time Innovations Inc. (RTI), Sunnyvale, Calif., have joined to create a standards-based data distribution service (DDS) platform for embedded applications. The new platform came about through the integration of Green Hills’ Integrity real-time operating system and RTI’s network DDS. The companies claim that the platform could be used for applications that require total reliability and security, such as the Joint Strike Fighter electronic warfare subsystem. Visit and

cPCI Card

North Atlantic Industries, Bohemia, N.Y., has announced its new 2-module, multifunction, single-slot 3U cPCI card. The 75C1 cPCI card comes in commercial temperature range and harsh environment, industrial temperature range (-40 to 85 degrees C). It provides extensive diagnostics and can be used for military applications, including airborne and command, control, communications & intelligence (C3I). Visit

Mini Camera

Sensors Unlimited Inc., Princeton, N.J., has released the Windowed Snapshot MiniCamera, a near-infrared camera that uses indium gallium arsenide (InGaAs) imaging technology. It was designed to take shots of high-speed events or pulsed activities. It features full-frame imaging with region-of-interest (ROI) windowing capabilities. The camera can be used in a normal view or to see things not visible to the naked eye, such as laser designators. Visit

Aerospace Facts and Figures

New from the Aerospace Industries Association (AIA) comes the 52nd edition of Aerospace Facts and Figures, the statistical yearbook of the U.S. aerospace industry. The book includes summarizations of industry activities, government budget estimates, industry employment figures and historical data on aircraft production and research and development, among other subjects. The book can be ordered online or by check for $60. Visit

Video and Graphics Card

New from Radstone Embedded Computing, Woodcliff Lake, N.J., comes the Octegra3 video and graphics processor. It was designed for video and graphics applications, where several video/graphics sources are to be acquired, processed and distributed, such as command, control, communications, computers & intelligence (C4I) applications. The Octegra3 has a Freescale Semiconductor (Motorola) PowerPC G4 7447A processor running at 1 GHz and a 3Dlabs P9 video processing unit. It offers support for Gigabit Ethernet. Visit

Heat Rejection Unit

Parker Hannifin and Radstone Embedded Computing have announced the first product to result from their alliance, the HRU-1000. The stand-alone heat rejection unit provides a minimum 1,000 watts of cooling power for embedded computing equipment. The HRU has a motor driver and digital system controller that manages fan speed and coolant flow. It can be used for military applications like radar, mission and targeting computers, and other embedded avionics systems. Visit and

Switch Modules

VXI Technology, Irvine Calif., is adding three new switch modules to its SMIPII line of products: the SMP2012, SMP2300 and SMP2300-93C. The SMP2012 is a high-current, 30-amp power switch, while the 2300 series comprises high-voltage, 500-volt coaxial switch modules. All modules in the series can be combined with other SMIPII modules to create large high-density switch systems. Visit

Weather Transmitter

The Vaisala Weather Transmitter WXT510, from the Vaisala Group, Helsinki, Finland, offers a full set of weather sensors in one unit. It measures precipitation, humidity, temperature, barometric pressure, and wind speed and direction, using an ultrasonic sensor. The WXT510 can be used in conjunction with other systems, including automated weather advisory station (AWAS) systems. Visit

LED Indicators

Waytek Inc., Chanhassen, Minn., has added six, new light-emitting diode (LED) indicator lights to its product line. The LEDs come in two different styles, metal housing or plastic housing, and in three different colors: green, amber and red. The LEDs are 12-volt. Their prices start at $5.43 each. Visit

Data Monitor/Analyzer Module

From ITCN Inc., Dayton, Ohio, come new SystemTrace modules. The ST-201 module is a VME data monitor and analyzer that can monitor and record on all four VME backplane buses. The St-101-8 is a Mil-Std-1553 monitor and analyzer that can monitor and record on up to eight dual-redundant Mil-Std-1553 buses. Visit

Search Engine

IHS Inc. and GlobalSpec Inc., have announced GlobalSpec Enterprise, a new search engine that allows users to access SpecSearch and look up specific aviation and defense products and services. Visit and

NCL Software

Numerical Control Computer Sciences, Newport Beach, Calif., has announced that its NCL software now supports SolidWorks 2005 3D mechanical design software. NCL/Solid software was designed to allow users to bring Solidworks 2005 files into the NCL Cam software and avoid third-party translators. Visit

Flight Training Software

From Environmental Tectonics Corp.’s Interactive Division, Eugene, Ore., comes the company’s latest flight-training product, ProTrainer. The ProTrainer personal computer, airplane-training device (PCATD) and Desktop were designed to give pilots and flight schools a training program that provides approach visualization, 3D playback and a flight profile that can be customized. Visit

Dual Inductor

Pulse, San Diego, has introduced its PAO766NLT Power Bead inductor series, which the company claims is the first integrated ferrite-bead inductor. It has two independent inductors integrated into a single unit, with no magnetic coupling between them. The PAO766NLT series is available in four different inductance values and current ratings, and can be used in multiphase circuit applications. Visit

Diode Laser Stack Arrays

The new Cascades diode laser stack arrays from nLight, Vancouver, Wash., were designed to provide high power in an integrated package. The arrays can be stacked vertically at a maximum of 20 water-cooled bars high or horizontally at six bars across. Cascades arrays can be used in military and commercial applications. Visit

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