Honeywell to Outfit Comair’s Africa-First 737 MAX Fleet

Comair’s fleet of Boeing 737 MAX aircraft in South Africa will rely on a Honeywell-furnished cockpit. Photo courtesy of Boeing

Africa’s first fleet of Boeing 737 MAX aircraft will be directed by Honeywell cockpit technologies. South African airline Comair has selected full suite of Honeywell navigation and weather systems for its planes, the New Jersey-based company said.

Among the avionics that will be outfitting the 737 MAX fleet are Honeywell’s integrated multi-mode receiver, IntuVue RDR-4000 3-D weather radar system and SmartTraffic collision avoidance and traffic alert system.

Honeywell’s IntuVue radar will be one products in Comair’s cockpits. (Photo courtesy of Honeywell)

In part because of Comair’s selection of Honeywell equipment, the airline can meet existing and upcoming regulations mandated by the FAA, such as the ADS-B regulations taking effect in 2020. Using precise GPS data, the technology can accurately pinpoint an aircraft’s position in real time and share this data with surrounding aircraft and air traffic control to meet the aim of running more efficient, safer flights.

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