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Drones Downed by Orbital’s Armaments

By Nick Zazulia | January 17, 2018
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Orbital ATK Demonstrates Counter Unmanned Aerial Systems Technologies

Orbital ATK demonstrates counter drone tech. Photo courtesy of Business Wire

Orbital ATK displayed the ability of its XM914 30mm Bushmaster Chain Gun to destroy unmanned drones at the Maneuver Fires Integrated Experiment demonstration event.

Orbital ATK provides a modular anti-unmanned aerial vehicle defense system, which can be affixed to different platforms and allows drones to be detected and tracked. The chain gun, which at the event was mounted to a Stryker combat vehicle, can work independently or together with the defense system to destroy drones or other threats.

Another option Orbital ATK demonstrated for defeating drones was its XM25 shoulder-mounted weapon, whose fire control system and airburst ammunition has proven up to the task.

Orbital ATK VP Dan Olson stressed the importance of using technology that is already proven, so that it can be prepared and delivered to soldiers sooner.

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