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Satcom Direct Expands Cybersecurity Course Offerings

By S.L. Fuller | December 4, 2017
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Satcom Direct is now offering a new course in cybersecurity. Called “CyberSAFE” (Securing Assets for End Users), the course was developed by Logical Operations, which certified Satcom Direct to deliver the materials.

CyberSAFE is designed for anyone interfacing, supporting or interacting with the aircraft communications including crew, flight department members and passengers, Satcom Direct said. End users can learn about security compliance considerations, social engineering, malware and other data security concepts.

“Something as innocent as opening an email or clicking on links, or even using an infected USB drive in a network computer, can result in a serious breach,” said Mark Mata, director of training at Satcom Direct. “The CyberSAFE course educates users about technology-related risks and their responsibilities as an end-user in protecting organizations from them.”

Those who take the course can go at their own pace, or can take the course in person or online for live, instructor-led sessions. It takes three hours to complete and is followed by an online certification test for the “Certified CyberSAFE” credential, Satcom Direct said.

Next year, Satcom Direct plans to offer a Cyber Security Risk Management course to flight departments. It aims to support understanding of the implications of, and resolutions to, cyber attacks. It was approved by NBAA as part of its Professional Development Program and is slated to make its debut in June during NBAA’s annual training day.

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