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Flightcell, AKV Test Integrated Comms/Engine Trend Monitoring Solution

By S.L. Fuller | November 16, 2017
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Photo courtesy of Flightcell International

Photo courtesy of Flightcell International

The Flightcell International DZMx and the AKV Inc. ETM1000 engine trend monitoring system have been successfully integrated to offer another way to both export and keep track of data concerning engine usage. Flightcell said that this marriage of communications equipment and engine monitoring equipment is optimized for owners of legacy rotorcraft models who already use DZMx.

The solution provides satellite and cellular voice, data and tracking services, along with engine and exceedance monitoring, cycle count information and trend information. Users also have the option to send accurate cycle count data off the aircraft. Flightcell said audible and visual exceedance warnings are available in the cockpit. Pilots are prompted to manually record required cycle count information from the display, at the completion of a day’s flying and prior to the data being sent.

Dive train and cycle count data was accurately displayed on the front panel of the DZMx during the integration and testing, Flightcell said. Information included Ng and Np total cycles as well as revenue/run time, engine starts and flight time. The data was sent to TracPlus, Flightcell said, which developed full support in its mapping solution for engine cycle counting.

Certification of the combined DZMx and ETM1000 solution is anticipated to occur early next year.

“We are providing legacy aircraft operators with a highly effective and affordable means of monitoring engine parameters, exceedances, cycle counts and trends” said Hamish Neill, VP for Flightcell International. “You have the option to use the DZMx as an onboard cycle counter as well as remotely send the data to a tracking service provider.”

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