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Drones Take Advantage of Newly Allocated Spectrum

AeroVironment has integrated the new M1/M2/M5 radio frequencies into its Raven and Puma AE hand-launched drones, giving customers the ability to conform to the U.S. Defense Deptartment’s new frequency spectrum allocation.

AeroVironment is taking advantage of new frequency spectrum that has been allocated to unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) by the Defense Dept. The drone manufacturer has completed its first delivery of M1/M2/M5-compatible Raven and Puma to two DoD customers.

David Sharpin, vice president of AeroVironment’s tactical UAS business unit, says the company combined the M1, M2, and M5 radio frequencies into the same transceiver module and is making the transceivers available as hardware that can be easily integrated on unmanned platforms.

Additional, AeroVironment has also unveiled a new pocket small UAS Digital Data Link (DDL) network. The network is enabled by their new Pocket DDL digital video and data receiver, which also integrates the M1/M2/M5 radio frequency spectrum. Pocket DDL AE has a standard Glenair Mighty-Mouse connector, making it compatible with the Army‘s Net Warrior system, so dedicated cables for Pocket DDL are not necessary. It can operate from any power supply, providing between 5 and 32 volts DC.

The company will begin taking orders in December 2017 for M1/M2/M5-configured Wasp AE micro air vehicles (MAV) for delivery in spring 2018.

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