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By Julie Samuel | December 1, 2006
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Korry Switch

Korry Electronics has reduced the delivery time in half for its 5/8-inch LED-illuminated 389 Quick Switch, now available in five working days. Korry, a subsidiary of Esterline Technologies Corp. based in Seattle, says the reduction in delivery time is the result of its ongoing commitment to lean manufacturing. Visit www.korry.com.

Storage PMC

AcQ InduCom of The Netherlands and UK distributor Permac Electronics have launched the ccPMC430, a conduction cooled Storage PMC (PCI mezzanine card) with SecureErase and WriteProtect functions. Visit www.permac.co.uk, www.acq.nl.

Board-Level Products

VMETRO, of Houston, will augment its VXS, XMC and PMC based board level product lines to include platforms based on the new Xilinx Virtex-5 LXT Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGA) Platform. Visit www.vmetro.com/article2296-304.html

L-3 Nav/Com Receiver

L-3 Avionics Systems, New York City, received FAA Technical Standard Order (TSO) authorization for its ADR-7050 Navigation and Communication receiver

The ADR-7050 is a remote-controlled Nav/Com designed to interface to a host display via an RS-232 serial interface. Features of the receiver include a selectable channel VHF Com transceiver and a 200 channel VOR/Localizer and Glideslope receiver. Visit www.L-3Com.com.

cPCI Card

Data Device Corp., Bohemia, N.Y., released a 6U cPCI (Compact Peripheral Component Interface), combination Angle Position Indication and Simulation synchro card with accuracies up to two arc-minutes.

Designed for high-performance feedback control, the SB-365XXTX-3XX contains three fully independent synchro 90V, 60/400hz API channels and six fully independent synchro 90V, 400hz SIM channels with transformer isolation.

“The SB-365XXTX-3XX offers motion designers a flexible cPCI off-the-shelf solution, with a remarkable array of features and at a reasonable price,” said DDC Marketing Director Amir Massumi. Visit www.ddc-web.com.

Air Data Test Sets

DAC International introduced RVSM Air Data Test Sets (ADTS) to its product line through a new relationship with DMA-Aero.

DAC International will be the exclusive stocking distributor for the test equipment line offered by DMA-Aero. Test sets will be serviced and supported at DMA-Aero’s facility in Danbury, Conn.

DMA-Aero manufactures various models of RVSM and Domestic RVSM (DRVSM) compliant Air Data Test Sets and Systems (ADTS) for leak testing, troubleshooting and certification of aircraft pitot-static systems.

The latest ADTS MPS35 controls three pressures separately and independently to verify the Angle of Attack (AOA) when “smart” pitot tubes are used as well as static and pitot pressures.

All test sets for the ramp and flight line are portable and can also be used in the laboratory with ADTSWIN PC software. Optionally the ADTS can be remotely controlled by a Pocket PC with Bluetooth connection. Visit www.dacint.com.

Aircraft Sealant

An aircraft sealant manufactured by W. L. Gore & Associates, Newark, Del., has been approved for use on the F-16 aircraft by technical order 1F-16C-2-00GV-00-1.

Gore SkyFlex Aircraft Sealant is a reusable, non-curing, non-hazardous, form-in-place sealant that can be installed and maintained more efficiently than all other sealant methods. The technical order approves using the sealant on the environmental panels and access doors secured with threaded fasteners.

Gore SkyFlex Aircraft Sealant is a PTFE based sealant. Unlike rubber gaskets, PTFE does not age or become hard and brittle. It protects against corrosion, water ingress, and other environmental influences, including fuel and oil.

Other applications include exterior fuselage panels, access doors, windshields, floorboards, antennae, and fuel panels found on military and commercial fixed-winged and rotary-winged aircrafts. Visit www.gore.com

Laser Wire Marking

Raychem-brand Spec 44 aircraft hookup wire from Tyco Electronics Corp., can be laser marked for viable cable identification, Tyco said.

Laser marking of Spec 44 wire allows for quick, permanent, and legible marks. In the past, ink jet printing or marking wheels were among the only methods wire harness shops and other wire processors had for identification of Spec 44 hookup wire.

Laser marking on white Spec 44 hookup wire allows for marking contrasts up to 93 percent, which is considered excellent for aircraft standards. Additionally, testing confirms that the laser marking process presented no performance detriment to the insulation or conductor of Spec 44 aircraft wire.

Spec 44 wire is a general purpose airframe hookup wire that meets the Mil-W-81044 standard. It is used in many current commercial airframes manufactured both in the United States and Europe. Visit www.tycoelectronics.com.

UAV Cameras

Amsterdam-based Reinaert Electronics introduced a line of tiny observation cameras designed around the Omnivision (www.ovt.com) single-chip CMOS camera chips to provide a high level of functionality in the smallest footprint.

Each camera is supplied with approximately 1 meter of connecting cable and connectors for video and power, or optional with 20 meters of AV cable and microphone and audio preamplifier and 230V power supply. Small video transmitters and receivers are offered for wireless operation. Visit www.reinaertelectronics.nl.

Wire Stripper

The Model BTS1 Thermal Wire Stripper from Eraser, Syracuse, N.Y., can strip thermoplastic insulations such as nylon, rubber, Teflon and vinyl from solid and stranded wires. Optional die hole element sets are available for unique applications.

Elements are actuated by hand or an optional electrical foot pedal. The element depth is adjustable and can be locked into position to ensure repeatability.

With its adjustable heat control and self-contained fume extraction system, the BTS1 is a suitable unit for safe, precise stripping applications. Visit www.eraser.com.

Single Board Computer

GE Fanuc Embedded Systems, Albuquerque, N.M., announced the new 6U CompactPCI C2K Single Board Computer (SBC).

The C2K uses the 1 GHz MPC7447A or 1.4 GHz MPC7448 Freescale processor and extensive I/O ports for improved performance and flexible, rugged functionality. Optional configurations are available for customers who want to use the C2K in industrial applications that require extended temperature operations.

The C2K is available with VxWorks, Linux or Windows XP support and will be Restriction of Hazardous Sub- stances (RoHS) compliant. Visit www.gefanucembedded.com/news-events/496

Power Controllers

Leach International Corp., Buena Park, Calif., released three models of multi- channel, next-generation programmable Solid-state Power Controllers (SSPCs) for use in compact, microprocessor-con- trolled Secondary Power Distribution Units (SPDUs).

Designed for operation in 28Vdc systems, the EPM-109, 110 and 111 Series SSPCs provide the latest micro-controller and Power FET technology incorporated into a Printed Circuit Board (PCB). They feature non-derated switching for all types of load while protecting against overload and short circuit. Each includes an extensive built-in-test (BIT) feature that verifies critical functions at startup and then continuously throughout operation.

The units include a serial data bus interface, programmable ratings and trip parameters, low voltage drop and power dissipation, and high voltage isolation. Visit www.leachintl.com/news/ archive/200607017.stm.

Board Support Package

LynuxWorks, San Jose, Calif., introduced the LynxOS-178 RTOS board support package (BSP) for Extreme Engineering Solutions’ XPedite6032 single board computer. This is the first time Extreme Engineering’s aerospace hardware platform has been supported by a certifiable DO- 178B safety-critical operating system.

The combination of the two products creates a solution for aerospace developers. LynxOS-178 is an open standards based operating system designed to fulfill the stringent needs of multi-thread and multi-process applications in the aerospace industry. LynxOS-178 became the first embedded operating system to receive Reusable Software Component (RSC) acceptance from FAA in March 2006.

XPedite6032 is a ruggedized, small form factor, high-performance PowerPC MPC7447A-based board solution. It is suited for aerospace conditions such as extended temperature, shock and vibration environments that require high bandwidth and processing performance. Visit www.lynuxworks.com, www.xes-inc.com.

Data Controller

ViaSat, Carlsbad, Calif., introduced the VDC-800 Data Controller to offer secure IP and USB connections for tactical military applications.

The VDC-800 advances the ViaSat “IP to the Tactical Edge” approach to warfighter communications by adding the high-speed, plug-and-play USB interface to the VDC product line.

Used with any current tactical radio, those in combat can connect the VDC- 800 via USB to a computer or handheld device to run IP-based critical combat communications applications, such as situational awareness, whiteboard collaboration, chat, messaging, and email, almost as if they were at their own desk- top computer.

Warfighters can also use the VDC- 800 to transmit core data elements for military interoperability, including Direct Fire Mission, Blue Force Tracking, surveillance results, and airspace deconfliction information.

Ruggedized to MIL-STD-810F, the VDC-800 offers interoperability and flexibility for any kind of mission. It features error-correction to transmit maps, images, and other data over noisy half-duplex, low data rate radio communication channels.

“Now, any warfighter with a USB-equipped computer can be fully networked to the Global Information Grid,” said Jerry Goodwin, vice president of ViaSat Network Systems. “The VDC-800 brings secure IP access to the many warfighters using narrowband radios on the edges of the battlespace.” Visit www.viasat.com.

‘Flipper’ LCD Display

Flight Display Systems introduced “The Flipper,” a thin, 5-inch LCD display that installs on most existing glareshields and flips into position when needed. It can be viewed in the cockpit by both pilots.

With the advent of new sources of streaming data flowing into the cockpit, aircraft owners and operators are challenged to find efficient ways to display this information. Completion and refurbishment companies often are hard-pressed to find panel room for data like Enhanced Vision Systems (EVS), satellite weather information, flight cameras, and Moving Maps. The Flipper provides a low cost solution that does not require additional space or a rework of the entire instrument panel. When not in use, the display flips to a horizontal stowed position using only a half-inch of visual panel space.

The launch customer for The Flipper is Sierra Industries, a Uvalde, Tex. aircraft modifications company. Sierra Industries has started a supplemental type certificate (STC) for The Flipper installation and a Flight Display Systems patent is pending. For certification purposes, The Flipper is considered an Advisory Information Display. Visit www.flightdisplay.com.

Daughter Card

Radstone Embedded Computing, Billerica, Mass., announced the AFIXM, an addition to the AFIX (Additional Flexible Interface Xtension) family of plug-on daughter cards.

The AFIXM features non-volatile (Flash) memory, and uses Embedded TrueFFS technology for full hard disk emulation in sizes between 512 Mbytes and 2 GBytes.

The AFIX family of daughter cards is designed to extend and enhance the functionality of Radstone single board computers by providing features that are not natively supported by the host card, and allowing systems integrators the opportunity to add features to a host card without using a PMC site. Visit www.radstone.com/home/rad_home.aspx

Noise Source Preamplifier

PCB Piezotronics, Depew, N.Y., introduced a new model to its line of acoustic products. Model 426A11 is a 1/2” preamplifier that operates from ICP Sensor Power.

The preamplifier allows the user to select 0 or +20 dB of gain and either a 20 Hz (-3dB) High Pass Filter or A-Weighted filter output response, in lieu of flat unfiltered response, via two switches, located on the external diameter. An overload detector senses both polarity overload signals in front of the filters.

Model 426A11 preamplifier includes both “A-weight” and selectable “High Pass” filter, for automotive or aerospace cabin testing requirements. The A-weight filter attenuates signals less responsive to the human ear, normally below 1 kHz and above 4 kHz. This filter represents how the human ear perceives that sound.

The 426A11 is designed to work in a wide range of temperatures, ranging from -20 °C to +70 °C. Visit www.pcb.com/press_releases/426A11_pr.php.

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