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StandardAero Leads Falcon Display Retrofit

By Tish Drake | October 6, 2008
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StandardAero, Winnipeg, Canada, will be the launch partner and generate the first supplemental type certificate (STC) for Honeywell’s DU-875 flight deck upgrade for the Falcon 900C and EX series business jets. The upgrade will replace the existing Honeywell Primus 2000 DU-870 cathode ray tube displays with new DU-875 LCDs. The upgrade program was announced at the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) convention in Orlando. StandardAero said the new displays have the same dimensions as the existing Primus 2000 displays, allowing for minimal installation down time. Because the existing display symbology and functionality is retained, minimal crew training will be required. The LCDs require less power than the current CRT displays, reducing heat, eliminating the need for forced air cooling and nearly doubling the reliability of the current CRTs. The new LCD units yield a cumulative weight savings of up to 35 pounds. The LCD displays will include a built-in Advanced File Graphics Server allowing the system to display electronic charts, maps, XM graphical weather and video; a capability not available with the current CRT displays. John Bolton, Honeywell vice president, Business and General Aviation Aftermarket, said the DU-875 flight deck provides significant advantages over existing CRT displays and a path for future functionality, such as synthetic vision and enhanced navigation. StandardAero’s Designated Alteration Station in Springfield, Ill., will develop the STC, estimated for completion in late 2009.

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