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Nextant Aerospace Challenger 604XT to Feature Auto-Throttle System

By Staff Writer | August 24, 2017
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Image from Nextant Aerospace Challenger Cockpit Spec Sheet

Image from Nextant Aerospace Challenger Cockpit Spec Sheet

Safe Flight’s AutoPower System, an auto-throttle system, is to be offered as a fully integrated option with the new Pro Line Fusion Cockpit from Rockwell Collins, Nextant Aerospace said. It would be featured on the Nextant Aerospace Challenger 604XT, making the company’s 604-based program the first to feature the integrated system, according to Nextant Aerospace.

“The Safe Flight AutoPower System provides takeoff to touchdown power management capability for the aircraft, which not only improves overall efficiency, it more importantly reduces pilot workload levels in critical segments of flight which helps to further improve the overall safety of the new cockpit solution,” said Ken Bannon, director of commercial and corporate sales at Safe Flight. “In addition to precise speed control, the AutoPower System provides flight envelope and speed protection.”

The system is being co-developed by Rockwell Collins, with support of Bombardier.

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