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IS&S Expands Flight Deck, Autothrottle Availability for King Air with Partnership

By Staff Writer | July 25, 2017
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 ISS King Air 200 NextGen (Photo: Business Wire)

IS&S King Air 200 NextGen. Photo courtesy of IS&S

Beechcraft King Air operators now have more access to the Innovative Solutions & Support (IS&S) Inc. flight deck and integrated turboprop autothrottle, IS&S said. It has entered into an agreement with Texas-based Blackhawk Modifications to partner as a distributor and installation center for NextGen Flight Deck and its Integrated Turboprop Autothrottle for the King Air 200 and 350 platforms.

“Our Autothrottle’s Engine Out Thrust Control will automatically adjust the remaining engine power if the airspeed falls below minimum-control airspeed Vmc,” said Geoff Hedrick, IS&S chairman and CEO. “The pilot can maintain control as autothrottle mitigates the adverse yaw, allowing the aircraft to safely accelerate under full control.”

IS&S’ flight deck features the PC-12 flight deck, which recently received a supplemental type certificate. The autothrottle, which the company said is the “first and only” with FAA certification for Part 91 and Part 135, is patent pending. It can be fully integrated with primary flight displays and a multi-function display with dual satellite-based augmentation system GPS receivers. This supports the integrated flight management system.

IS&S explained that the autothrottle includes torque hold and airspeed hold modes. But no matter what the mode is, the system protects the aircraft from over and under speed. It also protects the engine from over torque or over temperature. The pilot can also adjust the throttles automatically, and pilot warnings alert the pilot if he or she is approaching torque or temperature limits.

“The King Air 200 through 350 market represent over 3,000 airplanes with an additional 2,000 in the C90 through E and F90 market," said Jim Allmon, Blackhawk Modifications president and CEO. "With over 5,000 aircraft, this represents the largest pool of upgrade candidates in the world.”

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